Welcome Message From Tom & Natalie

Meet Tom & Natalie!

Our Two Winners Of The Ultimate Aussie Adventure Competition!

Well, the big Ultimate Aussie Adventure trip is almost here! It’s going to be an action packed 47 day adventure from Cape Tribulation down to Sydney and then across to Adelaide and up to Uluru! Our two adventurers are super excited and can’t wait for the trip to start. So they wanted to say a quick hello and introduce themselves to you all with a short video below.

Tom is from Australia and Natalie is from the USA but recently moved to Melbourne! There is no going home now for Natalie, especially after this trip! It’s going to be quite the experiment, you see Tom and Natalie are complete strangers, never met yet except for our introductions via Skype! “That’s Cra Cra!” you might say, but they are both really excited by the challenge and the unknown of doing a trip this long with a complete stranger.

We’re looking forward to all the exciting content that they will be capturing along the way. Content that will capture the destination itself and of course with your brands and adventures!

So without further delay, here are a few words from Tom & Natalie for you all!

Tommy’s Welcome Message To You!

Tom Cunningham

Tom is from country Victoria and currently living in Sydney. He recently returned from a trip to Utah in the US. Tom is a great photographer, videographer and drone operator, so he's looking forward to capturing some amazing footage for your all t o share across your socials as well. Make sure you check out some of his footage he shot from Kokoda and PNG for taste of whats to come!


Natalie’s Welcome Message To You!

Natalie Otto

Natalie is from the USA but has recently moved to Melbourne! She is a former TV news reporter in the US so she is certainly comfortable in front of the camera telling her stories about the adventures with you all. She is also an avid video producer and videographer as well, so you can expect some interesting edited videos from Natalie at some point a long the journey when they get a break!

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This Was Tommy’s Entry Video!

This Was Natalie’s Entry Video!


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RyanWelcome Message From Tom & Natalie