Travello User of the Week: Meet Jelyn

With more than 600.000 users worldwide, in more than 180 countries, Travello is the largest community of travellers in the world, on app. But even with a large number of users, we at Travello still aim to create a close community of travellers and will every week publish a short interview with one of our avid travellers! 

This week we are getting to know Jelyn from the Philippines, but you might also know her from the app as “Jel”. 

Hi Jelyn! Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I would describe myself as a very simple,God fearing, warm, caring, loving and trustworthy person. I have a great sense of humor and love to talk to funny people.  I am single, independent and a career woman. I am a civil engineer by profession and spent most of my time in project sites. I am very passionate about traveling, watching Disney or cartoon movies and enjoy chatting with great people.
I am very friendly but a little shy. I always look into the kindness of each person and I love respectful and humble people.

What is your favourite travel destination and why?

So far my favourite travel destination is Singapore. Why? because it is in that place that I find peace. I can be who I am and I feel so relax every time I’m in that place. Aside that Singapore is known for its cleanliness, Singapore is also a very peaceful country and they care so much about the environment. You can even see some planted trees on top of the building or residences. It’s because they believe that nature will treat us the way we treat them. It is Prohibited to cut trees/branches or even pick a flower. It is punishable by Singapore law. That is what makes Singapore a very special place for me and I keep on coming back every year.
But of course, I also enjoyed my travel in Bali, Japan and Switzerland. These places are amazing too.

What do you always bring with you when you travel?

Every time I travel, I always bring my passport with me (just kidding). I always carry my phone which is very important for picture taking and updates on social media and means of communication also. Also I always carry my hygiene kit, medicines and a lot of dresses.
I just love taking pictures with dresses as it adds drama to every picture. But of course it depends on the country and the weather too.

Why do you like to use Travello?

Why I love to use Travello? Because this App is perfect for travellers. As a traveller, it is very helpful to me as I got the chance to meet new people, learn about new places and take some recommendations from fellow travellers. I enjoyed posting about my travels and I feel happy every time I can be a big help to fellow travelers.  Aside from these, Travello founders,staffs and admins are very friendly and accommodating. I love it when they interact with the users and I can feel their sincerity and concerns. For me,Travello is a big family of travellers


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Author: Annette Vogt

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Annette VogtTravello User of the Week: Meet Jelyn

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