Earn points by simply doing what you already love and share it on Travello.

Redeem your points directly on 1000's of experiences around the world on Travello. The more you travel, the more you share your adventures on Travello and the more you engage with the Travello community, the more you will be rewarded – making the things you love doing, cheaper!



How would you like to win a whole year of travel experiences, for any destinations you choose!? All you need to do to enter is the following:

Entry to the competition requires the entrant to:

  1. Tag one or more friends on one of our social posts about the competition on Travello App’s Facebook Page or Instagram Account.
  2. Like That Same Post
  3. Posts the following items on their own social profile or on the feed in Travello: Post any of your own travel photo or video plus add and complete the following caption “If I win the @travelloapp #rewardingdiscovery competition, I would love to….[complete the caption]

Full Terms & Conditions can be found here

*The winner will obviously need to have an active Travello profile. Prize equals 1.2Million Points ($12,000 USD) worth of any Travello Experiences to be used over a 12 month period (from start of 1st Experience) with a monthly cap of $1,000value in any given month.

Entries close 31st OCTOBER 2019. Winner announced by 5th November on Travello.


Travello Rewards.
Rewarding Discovery.

Imagine if you could be rewarded just for travelling. Well now you can with Travello.

Just travel like you do now; explore, connect and share, and we'll reward you with points that make the things you love doing, cheaper. If there's one thing everyone loves more than travelling, it's getting a discount when you're travelling!

Travello Rewards makes that easy.

Travello Rewards Points NOW!


How to earn & redeem points on Experiences

There are many different ways that you can earn points on Travello. By engaging with the travel community on Travello, inviting friends to Travello, purchasing experiences or partner offers you could be earning 1000’s of Rewards points in a flash!


Simply start engaging with the Travello community on the app. For example, you can earn points for making your first post and getting 10 likes on it, or making it to the next status level or by inviting your friends to the app too! You'll also earn more points from your actual experiences purchases so that you can use them on your next one.


Essentially, the more you travel, discover and share in the Travello app, the more you will be rewarded - making the things you love doing, cheaper. Unlike other travel rewards programs, there are no stipulations, blackout periods, or conditions to redeeming points. So start building up your Travello Rewards points today.


The Travello Rewards points system is the most transparent in the market, with every 100 points equating to US$1, meaning it's easy to understand the true value of your points in real-time. So when it comes to wanting to redeem them for booking your next travel adventure, you'll be able to use them for making that experience even cheaper!

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