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About Travello:

Founded by Mark Cantoni and Ryan Hanly in 2015, Travello connects travellers from all corners of the globe, recommends experiences and enables users to browse and book more than 50,000 activities. The app is powered by a Brisbane-based team of seven and their passion for connecting and inspiring travellers. The Travello app can be downloaded from App Store here or on Google Play here

Travello is a social network app for travellers used to Connect with fellow travellers from over 180 countries on the app, Share their travel adventures with the Travello community and to Discover things to do where they are right now or in the destination of their future trips.

Why Is Travello Different To Other Social Networks?

Almost all social networks keep you connected with those people you already know, but when you arrive in Thailand, your Facebook friends won’t be around you, so you need to meet new people from outside your network. Travello is different. Travello allows you to connect safely with like-minded travellers from outside your network, much like travellers already do in hostel foyers and tours etc, but on a digital platform.

What Is Travello’s USP In The Competitive Landscape?

For Travello, community is at the core, and always will be. We don’t want to create a marketplace (there are already hundreds of them fighting for space) we want to create a community and then within that community we can provide highly curated and personalised travel recommendations based on where you are and what you like. It’s this intelligent and organic integration of marketplace, into our community, that sets us apart from other platforms and provides a superior travel experience.

Summary Of Travello’s Key Features:

  1. The Travello Feed:
    A unique algorithm, pulls in relevant & curated information based on where you are, what you like and where you are going. This provides users with a fresh viewpoint of either locations they are in, or locations they are going to. If you enter a future trip into Travello the feed will start curating content from that location for you. The Travello feed is also unique because it integrates other travellers that you may be interested in connecting with; they may have common interests, be in the same location as you or might be travelling to somewhere you are as well. The Travello feed also has a ‘Map View’ allowing you to explore any location around the world through the lens of other travellers who are actually there.
  2. The Explore Tab:
    Allows you to instantly find other travellers, meetups and groups (like Females Travellers, Travel Photography, Solo Travellers etc). This can all be curated to help you find a particular travelmate. If you are looking for another Australian between the age of 22-26, in Thailand, interested in Hiking, Adventure and Photography, you just enter those details and Travello will do the rest.
  3. Experiences:
    Travello aggregates the best activities, things to do and experiences in your location and allows you to book them seamlessly via a range of payment methods. They have over 50,000 activities globally, and they adjust to wherever you are in the world. Simply open the app and book live.

What Is BlueTee?

Travel companies lose touch with their customers after the point of sale, and have a really difficult time trying to find a way to successfully connect with them ‘in-destination’. This leads to a customer experience & revenue hole as the vast majority of tours and activities are now booked ‘in-destination’. Many travel companies were also looking to create a community for their brand, so they could be less transactional and have a more organic/value-add relationship with their customers/

So we have brought together the power of the global Travello community with an exciting range of customer engagement platforms that enable travel businesses to connect with them in-destination or around the world through our cloud-based location-based marketing solutions.

Summary Of Our BlueTee Opportunities:

  1. Travello Groups
    Travello can partner with travel brands and create a branded group for travel companies, providing them with a community solution and the ability to connect with their customers in-destination via a location-based marketing platform that simply requires setting up the desired geo-fenced regions and messaging rules or templates. This is a ‘turn-key’ technology product meaning their is no technology integration required from their side, saving them time and money and allowing them to discover new revenue streams that previously weren’t possible.
  2. Travello Deals Marketplace –
    Local operators and suppliers of travel experiences can gain exposure for their product in Travello through a cloud-based business portal. Within minutes they can log-in and promote their product to travellers in the area of the service straight through Travello.
  3. TravScan –
    A digital ticketing and redemption system, automating the current paper based ticketing system currently being used. Allows operators and suppliers to work with digital tickets and automate/streamline a range of previously manual administration/reconciliation tasks.

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