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Connecting Travellers

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Find Like Minded Travellers Near You With Travello

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[cover_boxes active_element=”2″ title1=”Search” text1=”Travello allows you to see fellow travellers that are around you right now, or search for travellers in a destination you are going to. You can message them to ask questions, get tips, meet up for sightseeing, or even just a beer! No matter what type of traveller you are, Travello has you covered. Search for fellow travellers by traveller type, age, gender, location and more.” target1=”_blank” title2=”Noticeboard” text2=”So you have a question? Want advice? Need a lift? Have something to sell? Well put it on the Noticeboard! The Noticeboard is where you can put…. well anything you like. Fellow travellers can view and reply to your topic and add to topic threads – problem solved! The Noticeboard can also be filtered by distance from you, traveller type and you can even view other countries’ noticeboards and search keywords. Your problems will be solved on the Noticeboard.” target2=”_blank” image1=”15092″ image2=”15093″][vc_separator type=”small” up=”7″ down=”34″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”2″ title1=”Events” text1=”It’s great to see what’s on when you arrive at a new destination, and our events page allows you to do just that. Better still, the events are created and posted by fellow travellers! Everything from sightseeing, drinks at a bar, music and sporting events, hiking trips, walking tours and more. With the click of a button you can view events created by fellow travellers, see how many other travellers are attending the event and contact either the host, or other attendees for more details. Great for meeting groups of people in a new and exciting destination – some things are better enjoyed with others! ” target1=”_blank” title2=”Explore Trips” text2=”Ever wondered who is travelling to your destination at the same time as you? Or who will be in your next destination while you will be there? The ‘next travel’ feature on Travello allows you to do just that. Simply put in your destination, and the dates you are going, and Travello will list all of the other travellers with similar plans. Message them for advice, tips, recommendations or simply make plans to meet up. ” target2=”_blank” image1=”15094″ image2=”15095″]

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

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“Travello’s wi-fi finder will help you find wi-fi hotspots in any new location.”


 This feature is run by other travellers who have discovered wi fi hotspots for you! Sweet!  And if you find a wi fi hotspot “check in” and share your find with other travellers from the Travello community. Sharing is caring after all… And the best part is when you get to a new location, save the list and view wi-fi hotspot locations off-line. How good is that!

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