What is Travello?

Travello is an app made by, and for, Travellers. Connect with other travellers, search and match travel plans, find events in new destinations and solve all your problems on the noticeboard.


Who can use Travello?

Anyone can use Travello. Travello is made for all travellers and all ages.


How much does it cost?

Free, and not a cent more! There will also be no annoying advertising or in-app purchases.


What if I don’t want to see all types of travellers and people on the app?

Easy! Travello allows you to filter your search based on a wide range of criteria. You can search by Traveller type, age, gender, nationality, destination, sexuality and more. These search parameters will then be saved as your default parameters until you change them again. This app isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ app. Travello is designed to work for you. In fact, on any page where you see the magnifying glass symbol, you can search for exactly what you want. This app was made to suit your needs.


What type of traveller am I?

There are many different types of travellers, and we don’t want to pigeon-hole anyone – so these are just a guide. But remember, you can select more than one (or all!) of these fields to describe yourself. This just helps other travellers find you a little easier….


Backpacker – Young or old, in search of adventure – on a budget!

Solo-traveller – Enjoying the freedom of solo travel.

Digital Nomad – If you enjoy working remotely or the beach is your office, this is you!

Corporate Traveller – Here on work – but looking for fun and adventure. Or maybe just networking…

RV/Caravaner – Load the RV or hook up the caravan – freedom awaits!

Adventurer – Hiking, trekking, climbing, rafting… If it’s an adventure – you’re in!

Expat – Living abroad and enjoying all that new cultures have to offer.

Couple – Two friends or a couple travelling together and looking to share adventures.

Family – Families travel too, so why not meet other adventurous families?


Can Travello only be used by travellers?

No way! If you’ve finished travelling or your trip is over, you can still connect with travellers and help them experience your home town. Show them the sights only a local knows! Even if you haven’t travelled yet, make connections in future destinations and find out all the hints and tips before you get there!


Why does the search only go down to the nearest km? Couldn’t you get it more precise?

With the technology we are employing, we could have searched down to the nearest metre. But with safety in mind, we decided 1km was close enough. We don’t feel it’s necessary for someone to know exactly where you are. And remember, you are only ever one message away on Travello!


I am a solo female traveller – is this app safe?

This app was made with solo female travellers in mind. In the settings you can decide if you only want to be seen by other females. There is also a block/report feature if anyone is acting inappropriately on the app. They will be immediately banned from the app. No second chances on this one.


What can go on the noticeboard?

Just about anything! If you need advice, a ride, tips, accommodation, want to meet up, have something to sell/trade/swap or just want know where the best pizza in Rome is – you can get your answer and solve your problem on the Noticeboard! The best part is you can even search for other countries noticeboards, just click the magnifying glass.


How does the wi-fi finder work?

The wi-fi finder is one of the most exciting features on Travello, because it is run by you, the Travello community. Use the finder to locate wi-fi, and if you find a great wi-fi spot yourself, ‘check it in’ so that other travellers will know it is there. Sharing has always been a huge part of the travel ethos, so don’t keep your wi-fi discoveries to yourself!


Can I use the wi fi finder with no internet connection?

Yes, simply open the feature when you get to a new destination with wi-fi and save the locations. The locations can now be viewed offline. Now you will never be stuck without wi-fi!


Who’s creating the events?

The events are created by fellow travellers! It’s a great way to meet people in a group situation. Why not create one yourself and meet a bunch of new and likeminded people? Events can be big (Glastonbury Festival) or small (meet for soccer in Central Park), and you can view and message other attendees, as well as the host, for more details.


What if I want to see events in a different country?

In London, but want to see what’s planned in Dublin next week? No Problem! You can search for events in your next (or any) destination – just click the magnifying glass.


Can I sign in with Facebook?

Yes, Facebook sign-in will have you connected in an instant.


Will it be on IOS and Android?

Absolutely. Travello will cater for everyone on both Apple and Android platforms.

Start connecting with new travel friends from over 170 countries today.

Available for iOS and Android