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Experiencing Costa Rica: The Ultimate Guide


Deep inside the lush rainforests of Central America lies a country full of amazing experiences and adventures any serious traveler has to consider – Costa Rica. This tiny country has so much on offer it will prove to be a welcome destination not just for serious travelers, but couples, families, and adventure junkies alike. With vivid Technicolor sights, fragrant smells, and tropical sounds, recognizing the beauty of Costa Rica will be like taking a walk in the rainforest! But before you go, here are a couple to get your imagination running, and to help you on your way…
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Plan Way Ahead
Most guides tell you to “always plan ahead”, but when visiting Costa Rica it really does matter. Do the necessary research in advance, so you arrive prepared. Your travel experience can be heavily influenced by the weather. So, book your trip during the dry verano (December to April), rather than wet invierno (May to November), it really does make a difference. Also, due to the immense moisture, there are plenty of mosquitos. Check with your doctor if you need to receive any shots, and bring plenty of repellent. Additionally, your bag should contain sunscreen, sunglasses, an umbrella, comfortable shoes and clothing, with a warmer alternative. And for help on the go, be sure to stack up on travel apps. You never know!
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Book Accommodations in Advance
In recent years, Costa Rica has managed to draw more and more tourists each year, and since, has become a tourist hot spot. The season peaks around Christmas and New Year, making rooms in hotels of San Jose, Cartago, Santa Cruz, Liberia, and Limon hard to come by. If you are looking for a tropical holiday getaway you should try booking at least a couple of months ahead. Albeit, if you are traveling with your family, or a bit more friends, and you want to balance out price and bed numbers, consider checking out property rental accommodations in Costa Rica. Also, if peace is what you crave, look towards towns in the more remote places like Puerto Viejo, Uvita, or Naranjo, where you can find amazing affordable lodging. Keep in mind though that decent Wi-Fi might be hard to get a hold of, which to some may prove to be a big plus.
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When in Costa Rica…
The main attraction of Costa Rica are, of course, the natural splendor hidden beneath the rainforest. One of the most beautiful forests in the world is found in Costa Rica – the Monteverde Cloud Forest. As spectacular as it sounds, it is famous for its bird watching experiences, but will leave you breathless in its own right. Costa Rica also has access to both the Pacific and the Atlantic, and has some gorgeous beaches. Manuel Antonio National Park is a rainforest-fringed beach paradise, ideal for families and couples, while Tamarindo’s notorious surf attracts adrenaline junkies all over the globe. And if you are interested in a hike of a lifetime, look no further than La Fortuna Waterfall. The trail is hidden among the lush volcanic slopes, and is as challenging as it is rewarding.
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A Unique Travel Experience
What sets Costa Rica apart from any other destination in the world are the unique travel tour offers. If you are looking for something amazing than you might consider the Canopy Tour. High above the treetops of the rainforest, you can zip line, just like a spider monkey, from one platform to the next and take in the most of the nature and its wildlife. Amazing vistas of a sun rising, or setting over the endless forests is a sight from fairy tales. Once you get back down, you can seek out the White Water Rafting Tour. Zig-zagging through the meandering life-line of the forest – the Celeste River, you bounce through the wet slopes and enjoy the most thrilling ride in Costa Rica.
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The Taste of Costa Rica
Any great travel experience comes with a sensational taste, and Costa Rica is full of them. A tip that will really get your taste-buds kicked into overdrive are the local foods and ingredients. Because of its tropical location, fruit, veg, and spices are colorful and oh so fragrant. Fruit is in natural abundance, and anona, grandilla, guava and rose-apples are unavoidable. When looking for the best food in Costa Rica, take to the streets and the many street vendors and hidden dinners. Costa Rica is also culinary diverse, and each region has its own twist on the classics like Tamales and Empanadas. Other must-tries include the national dish Casado, as well as Ceviche, Gallo Pinto and Sopa de Mariscos.
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With such a multitude of sensations, words can only start to awaken the beauty and adventure that is hidden away in Costa Rica! For a true experience add this amazing country to your travel plans, pack your bags, and head to this dream destination. Vaya con Dios!

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