Best New Travelmates Start Their Aussie Adventure

Best New Travelmates Start Their Aussie Adventure

Meet Tom & Natalie!

They Were Our Two Lucky Winners Of The Ultimate Aussie Adventure Competition!

If you weren’t lucky enough to see our huge $25K Aussie Adventure competition you will have missed out on a chance to win a huge 7 week Aussie Adventure! We were looking for the best two travel mates in the world to come together for this epic adventure Down Under. After hundreds of video entries and a final 20 voting round then lastly a final 10 interview round we announced our two lucky winners!

The two winners are complete strangers, one male and one female who are now about to meet for the first time in person in Cairns next week where their adventure as new travel mates kicks off and continues on for an action packed 47 day adventure from Cape Tribulation down to Sydney and then across to Adelaide and up to Uluru! It’s a massive adventure which will take them on a 5,500km journey across the country.

Our two adventurers are super excited and can’t wait for the trip to start. So they wanted to say a quick hello and introduce themselves to you all with a short video below. 

Tom is from Australia and Natalie is from the USA but just very recently decided to move to Melbourne. So Tom will no doubt be giving Natalie some local Aussie tips and insights into life in Oz. While Natalie will no doubt have a huge amount of curiosity and excitement as well. 

We’re looking forward to all the exciting content that they will be capturing and sharing with you all along the way. Make sure you are following them in the Travello App as well as across all our social profiles and the blog here too, as well as their own social profiles outlined below as well. They will be capturing content from each destination and of course from all of the fun adventures & activities outlined on the map further below.

So without further delay, here are a few words from Tom & Natalie for you all!

Tommy’s Welcome Message To You!

Tom Cunningham

Tom is from country Victoria and currently living in Sydney. He recently returned from a trip to Utah in the US. Tom is a great photographer, videographer and drone operator, so he's looking forward to capturing some amazing footage for your all t o share across your socials as well. Make sure you check out some of his footage he shot from Kokoda and PNG for taste of whats to come!


Natalie’s Welcome Message To You!

Natalie Otto

Natalie is from the USA but has recently moved to Melbourne! She is a former TV news reporter in the US so she is certainly comfortable in front of the camera telling her stories about the adventures with you all. She is also an avid video producer and videographer as well, so you can expect some interesting edited videos from Natalie at some point a long the journey when they get a break!

Natalie OttoYouTubeEmail

This Was Tommy’s Entry Video!

This Was Natalie’s Entry Video!



Tom & Natalie will be arriving up in Cairns in Queensland and will begin their journey at Cape Tribulation. From there they will travel South, taking in major destinations such as Cairns, Mission Beach, Townsville, Magnetic Island, Airlie Beach, the Whitsundays, Great Keppel Island, Rockhampton, Emus Beach, Gladstone, Fraser Island, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Sydney, Adelaide & finishing with Uluru & Alice Springs!


Sam LindnerBest New Travelmates Start Their Aussie Adventure
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Would You Travel With A Complete Stranger?

Would You Travel With A Complete Stranger?

It’s a question which does stir up quite a bit of debate. However, many backpackers all around the world actually embark on a journey all the time with a stranger that they may have only just recently met.

You only need to Google “Travel with a stranger” to find hundreds of links to blogs and articles outlining the benefits of travelling with strangers and how travellers have met great new travel buddies and mates for life from doing so.

We need to point out though, we are talking more so about organic travel experiences that bring two strangers together, not companion based/dating-type travel sites that attempt to put strangers together for companionship. No, we are talking about the experiences where travellers find themselves in situations where fate brings the two together and they decide to take the plunge and travel together. That could be two travellers or even just a traveller that has met a local too.

Solo travel is a hugely popular category, and in fact female solo travellers are well supported all around the world with likeminded groups, forums and of course apps. Travello also caters for this segment of solo travellers of course but also female travellers with a private Female Travellers group too, connecting females that are travelling now or in destinations where they will be travelling to as well.

Our latest competition is an invitation to the adventurous at heart. We would love to match two individual strangers together for a trip of a lifetime around Australia. However entrants are actually open to both individuals who would love to win and travel with a stranger as well as two mates or even couples as well. It’s one heck of a trip from Cairns down to Sydney and the Adelaide up to Uluru on a 4-6 week adventure together!

It includes Airfares, accommodation mostly with YHAs, a JUCY camper van, spending money, travel insurance and a whole heap of adventures along the way in every destination. The whole trip is worth over $25,000 for the two winners. For a full outline of prize details make sure you check out the competition entry page here –

All you need to do to enter is submit your details along with a 1-2 minute video explaining why you or you and your mate or partner would be the best travel mate in the world for this adventure! So you can enter as an individual wanting to be matched by us to a new travel mate for this adventure or as a team of two already.

We are looking for entrants from Australia as well as anywhere around the world. We’d love Australian’s to enter as we’d love to be able to match up 1 Australian with an International for the trip, however entrants are open to teams from anywhere around the world as well.

If you are an aspiring travel blogger, photographer or vlogger then this prize is right up your alley too, as the requirement of this trip is that you will be sharing every experience not only on the Travello app but also across our social channels and of course yours as well. So this will help springboard an intense travel content challenge for you.

To give you a small taste of what the winners will be up to, over the coming weeks we will be doing a few small teasers from a couple of the destinations that the winners will be visiting. The first one of these we did on the Gold Coast recently. We approached the Surfers Paradise YHA to find us two backpackers that would be up for a full days adventure.

The day started with picking up a JUCY Champ camper van and heading over to the Surfers Paradise YHA to pick up the two backpackers. From there we hopped in the JUCY van for a quick chat to find out a little more about them. The two lucky backpackers were Anniken from Norway and Emanuel from Argentina. They then got to experience a Surf lesson thanks to our prize partner GetWetSurf, a SUP lesson thanks to Go Vertical SUP Hire and an exhilarating jetboat ride thanks to Paradise Jetboating!

Here is a bit of that action that we captured so that you can get a taste of all the fun the winners will have!


Sam LindnerWould You Travel With A Complete Stranger?
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10 reasons why travel reunions are so important

10 reasons why travel reunions are so important
Travel is the only venture you can do in the world that brings you close to a someone you’ve never met before and go on to enjoy the best moments together during your trip. The social side of travelling can be surreal, and it’s not unusual you can meet friends for life. You can ask any traveller, especially the solo ones. You will hear amazing stories. It’s the people you meet that can turn a trip from cool to extraordinary. But what is the big hype about travel reunions? At some point though, unfortunately, we all have to move on and do our own thing. Some keep going, some stay, but most of us go home. Despite this, it’s super easy to stay in contact with our travel friends through social media – and it is the technology that is the catalyst for all travel reunions. Some people are just naturally wired to forget about the people they met on the road, while others (like me) can’t wait to meet their trip buddies again.  Check out ten reasons why travel reunions are essential for travellers.

1.Establish worldly friendships

When you meet people travelling, it happens in quick time, and before you know it the time comes to part ways. The travel bond has been created and forever in your memory. Reuniting allows the worldly friendship to establish itself. It evolves from being solely a trip meet up to sustained the feeling.

2. The urge to travel again

Not everyone can travel all the time, so what you might find is that your travel reunions take place while one of you is ‘back into reality’ again, perhaps working or studying. Reuniting for however long will give you the urge to go travel again. Why is that important? Because travelling is amazing!

3. Epic meetings

We can’t reunite with EVERYONE we meet while travelling, and if we did it would take some effort. So for the time, we decide to join with our best traveller friends, the reunion is epic. Funny stories, plans, and probably a few drinks in between. Epic!!!

4.  A different perspective

If you’re chatting about your past travels together, then it’s always interesting to hear the view from your travel friend with whom you’re reuniting. There are bound to be some bits you forgot about or something you experienced in a different way to your friend. The reunion allows you to combine both memories into one tale, giving it a more extended better version to relate too in the future.

 5. An excuse to travel

If you’ve found yourself a ‘new sister from another mister’ or had a little bit of a bromance with someone travelling, it’s an excuse to see one another again. Especially if you’re from different countries, why not see somewhere new and reunite with your travel buddy? It makes complete sense!

6. Reunions show commitment

To reunite with someone there has to be a certain level of commitment to make it happen. If you’re travelling to their country, or them to you, it isn’t just an easy feat. To many people, it takes a significant effort. But in reality, if it’s worth it, then this only bodes well for your reunion. Being determined will work well for you!

7. Remembering old memories

Reuniting with our traveller friends always brings back the conversations of old memories. That’s part of what travel reunions are about! Savouring travel tales puts us back in the moment, at least within our minds. It might be the memory of what it was like to be on that beach in the Philippines or hiking the mountains in Nepal or drinking them shots in Bangkok.  Whatever it is these can never be taken away. Memories and experiences are forever!

8. Creating new ones

“Reuniting with your travel buds is amazing, you share memories, but at the same time you create new ones.” And maybe this is what makes reunions so unique. You’re in a constant state of good thoughts. We all feel good when we fond memories to look back on while at the same time looking forward to the new experiences!

9. The power of social networks

Without social media and travel apps, how long would we keep in contact with the random people we meet travelling? It wouldn’t be as easy as it nowadays. Reunions via social media show you have an innovative and forward-thinking approach. You don’t rest on your laurels to ‘see’ each other through social media; you go out there and make the reunion happen.

10. Proof that it’s never goodbye

How many times have you heard the saying from one traveller to another, “It’s not goodbye, its see you later.” Well, travel reunions are living proof that this is the case. We can get emotional leaving good people we’ve just met, we can have a lot of feelings boiling when going back to the real world after travelling, but reunions challenge them emotions. They show that travel opens the door to many possibilities and that the good times are never over.

How was your last travel reunion? We would love to hear from you about the time that you met old travel buddies

Tommy Walker10 reasons why travel reunions are so important
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Finding New Friends While Travelling Is Not Always Easy

Finding New Friends While Travelling Is Not Always Easy

Backpackers, Travel Bloggers, Digital Nomads, Female Solo Travellers, we all have different ways on how we choose to travel. Whether we decide to do it solo or with a partner, we all eventually at times find ourselves struggling to connect with others.

In a previous blog on Travello, we talked about how travelling can open the door to meeting the most amazing people, friends you will keep for life. However, that is not always the case, travelling can be lonely at times as well, it’s not always so easy to make friends everywhere straight away.

I remember the first time I left my country to travel solo, I was on my way to Asia with no one next to me to share the adventure or to lean on when things don’t go as planned. Till that trip, I’ve never realized how hard it can be to meet other people while travelling, and it is not because of lack of skills to do so, is just that people come and go so fast in hostels that it makes it hard to make a quick connection with others.

Travel bloggers spend a lot of their time alone. “Being a solo traveller that is usually working on the road makes it harder to meet others. Hostels are usually out, as a blogger you need a reliable work place and deadlines can mean you are in and out far too quickly. The bonus is this makes you seek out connections with locals so you can gain a better understanding of a destination”. – Dan Flying Solo –

There is also that part of matching trips between travellers that make things harder, especially for those who are constantly travelling around the world driven by the need to go off the map and hunt down the places where other travellers wouldn’t normally go.

Steph Dyson from Wordly Adventurer believes that “sometimes it’s conducive to writing, specially when visiting places where having a new travel buddy joining her for a hitchhiking adventure would make her feel safer, or be a good distraction on a long journey”. The speed of traveling is another factor for Steph because she “ has a tendency to travel far slower than other backpackers, meaning that it leaves fewer opportunities to meet a new companion and disappear traveling with them”.

Travel blogging can be the most amazing career, but it also makes it very difficult for them to connect with others. Unlike everyone else in the hostel they always got a deadline hanging over their shoulders, social media to schedule or some emails to send – Steph Dyson-

Travelling with a partner can make you feel lonely sometimes too. “Some people consider that travelling as a couple would never make you feel lonely, but that is not always true. It can be very difficult to find new relationships on the road because you tend to pigeonhole yourself to just being with that one person. Even though it’s incredible for the relationship and you grow infinitely stronger and closer, you can miss out on a lot of the solo-travel experience when you’ve got your rock with you”. – Ava Pendl – 

These stories reminded me a conversation with a friend about her trip through USA with her partner, she told me she found it really hard to meet other couples with the same interests and plans in order to organize some adventures together. There is also that part of needing time alone, but sometimes it is difficult because you were travelling as a couple so you never thought on meeting others separately.

And that is only the physical aspect of meeting people, there is also the online world, where options like Facebook groups offer travellers the opportunity to connect with others in travel groups, however a comment can get lost between the other hundreds of posts published per day, and if you are looking for specific information within those groups it is almost impossible without scrolling down and having to check every single post.

Luckily we have now social networks specific for travellers like Travello, where meeting others is a tap away. There is no need to know the person before hand to be able to connect, plus with the “Groups” feature you can find specific information that is only related to what you need and want. This feature also allows you to see who is in there so it is easier to connect. While if you have a trip planned you can add that into Travello and see who else is planning to be in that same destination at the same time as you.

So if you ever find it hard to meet other people in a future or current destination, remember that Travello (Download here) gives you the amazing benefit of connecting with others with similar interests. Connecting with others is just a signup away.

Thank you to all the Bloggers and Vloggers for their contribution to create this article. If you want to know more about them follow them on Social Media

Daniel James (Dan Flying Solo)

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Steph Dyson from Worldly Adventurer

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Ava Pendl from Kicking Asana

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Samia SalamancaFinding New Friends While Travelling Is Not Always Easy
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Life changing people you meet while travelling

Life changing people you meet while travelling

Being an adventurer traveller can be rough sometimes, moments when you feel lonely and defenceless. Facing situations that make you realise how far away you are from all those that you reach when you are in need; whether it is a relative or a friend, all of them are miles away from you.

Have you ever found yourself stuck inside a train across China for 24 hours, travelling by mistake in a carriage that is probably considered like 5th class, with no seat, surrounded with people that do not speak your language and that are probably wondering what is this crazy foreigner doing here?

Well, I did. But the best part of these stories are not the upside downs or what I went through to endure the trips. What was totally worth it and I’ll always remember are those kind and selfless characters that without knowing me put their time and effort to ease the discomfort, those who changed my life forever.

But this story is one of many. For Travel Blogger Wendy was Catarina and her taxi called Milano 25, the best taxi ride ever.

“It looked like she and her car escaped out of a fairy-tale. She inherited the taxi from her partner who died of cancer and to whom she promised to keep driving the car. Besides her work as a very special cabdriver, she also arranges free rides to the hospital for little cancer patients. She turns the trip into a party and makes them forget the misery for a while (Click here to read more about her story). – Wendy

People you meet while travelling that make you see life in a different way. Someone once told Travel Vlogger Sian Galbraith from Sians Travel Diary: “While travelling you can meet the most amazing, interesting, inspiring people for one day and never see them again”.

“I always remember the ones that changed my life, especially a man I met in Chiang Mai travelling with his daughter. Full of stories from around the world he truly inspired me to live my life to the fullest. I thought I had been, until I met him and I realised I had so much more to experience. So for that, I thank him from the bottom of my heart”. – Sian Galbraith-

Or like Douk in Cambodia  the most memorable face Travel Blogger Daniel James (from Dan Flying Solo) has ever met.

“For many, he would be a beggar quickly dismissed, but to me he was a businessman. Taking time out to enjoy a drink together in Pub Street he told me about his life story and how he tragically lost his arms. The fact he still came to work each day, selling his book collection impressed me. He gifted me a copy of ‘Cambodian for beginners’ so we would be able to understand each other better next time I visited. It’s still in my backpack 18 months on and it’s a gesture I’ll never forget (Click here to read more about this story)”. -Dan-

Travelling sometimes comes with getting the ticket for the wrong destination, delayed flights or loosing your connection, that is when people you’ve met, your Airbnb host, or even the owner from the hostels become those friends you reach when you are in need.

Katie from Creative Travel Guide and her friend had to reach their hostel when they found themselves stuck at Chengdu Airport in China.

“It was super late after a delayed flight and we couldn’t get a taxi for an hour! Rang the hostel and they immediately sent out their driver. Turned out the driver was the hostel owner who was pushing 80 and whose daughters ran the hostel for him. He was the sweetest little man we have ever met! He also drove us to the Leshan Buddha the following day, spoke no word of English but yet we felt like we could really connect with him as the attempted to direct us around the Buddha”. – Katie-

Also some of our ambassadors have experienced some of these issues themselves. Shelley Treadway from The Four Explore had to reach their Airbnb host when they missed their connection train in Naples and later ended up on a train back to their original destination AGAIN!! Lucky for them he offered to pick them up and take them to his second home. What a relief!

“When we first met Marco we immediately knew he would be a lifelong friend. We spend the following days visiting him at his work as curator of the ancient Greek ruins of Paestum and grabbing the best pizza at his favourite local pizza restaurant. He knew EVERYONE and always made sure we knew where to go and how to get there.

When we met Marco I saw Italy in a new light. The friendship we forged will undoubtedly last a lifetime”. – Shelley –


Finally there are those you meet through Social Networks. Which according to Travel Blogger Ana Asanovic despite the fact that they are of different age, sex or occupation they all share the same trait: they are warm, friendly and hospitable people, willing to share everything and asking nothing in return. That is what makes them unique and special.

“I’ve been so lucky to meet great people during my travels. They mostly came through Couchsurfing and with the ones I bonded we still keep in touch even though we live in different corners of the world. Having locals like that in a new country is something priceless. People who cook delicious local food, introduce you to their family and friends, and make room for you in their busy lives”. – Ana-

Local hosts can make your trip flow easier because they know the city and can also speak your language. They make you feel safe and comfortable, and sometimes give you that boost of confidence to keep going to new places knowing that you’ll be able to find someone that will make you feel at home. Brenda Mejía from Traveleira shared with us how she met some of the most amazing people while traveling.

“ While staying in Malmo, Sweden for my first trip I was lucky enough to have a Chilean Couchsurfing hostess that made my first trip abroad a lot more comfortable. Going home and being able to speak on my same language or about things that we were both familiar made my transition to become a real traveller a lot better.

And while in Oslo, Norway I had the chance to be hosted by Daisy through Airbnb, one of the sweetest hostess and persons I’ve ever met in my life. She treated all of us her guests like we were part of her own family and made our stays a lot more comfortable and fun. I’m hoping I can see her again soon!” – Brenda G. Mejía-

That is the beauty of Social Networks for Travellers like Travello, they allow us to reach and connect with different characters around the world, people that could become friends for life or help us through difficult times.

So if you ever need help from locals or others travellers, remember that Travello (Download here) gives you the amazing benefit of connecting with others before you get to your destination or while you are traveling. In our app connecting with others is just a signup away.

Thank you to all the Bloggers and Vloggers for their contribution to create this article. If you want to know more about them follow them on Social Media

World Wide Wendy

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Sian Galbraith (Sians Travel Diary)

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Daniel James (Dan Flying Solo)

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Katie from Creative Travel Guide

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Shelley Treadaway from The Four Explore

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Ana Asanovic from Utisci sa Putovanja

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Brenda Mejía from Traveleira

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Samia SalamancaLife changing people you meet while travelling
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It’s True, A Journey Is Best Measured In Friends, Rather Than Miles

It’s True, A Journey Is Best Measured In Friends, Rather Than Miles

One of my favorite parts of traveling is the uncertainty of what I could encounter, but the most exciting part for me is the thrill of the unknown as to all the interesting people I will meet along the way. We can predict to a certain degree what we are going to see, but not the unpredictable nature of whom we will meet a long the way. Some of these characters will become part of our lives and stories, and others will change our lives forever.

After cooling down ourselves with a couple of beers in the garden of our hostel in Chiang Mai, me and some other travelers started wondering, how real, strong and long-lasting are the friendships you make while traveling? How those amazing and fun travel mates you get to know just for a couple of hours or days, in places like hostels, buses or trains can become long last friendships?

This conversation came to my mind the other day and couldn’t take it out of my head, so I decided to ask other Travel Bloggers their thought on this topic of meeting new friends while traveling, a perfect question for these adventurers that spend most of their time traveling around the world.

According to Travel Blogger Chantell Glenville (Travel For Your Life) there’s a big misconception that the friendships you make while traveling don’t last or aren’t real. She met some of her best friends and favorite people in the world while traveling. It is true that sometimes time defines the depth of the connection with others, like those friends we make during our childhood or school days, but it is not only time what creates that connection, is also sharing the same ideas or situations.

Travel Bloggers Emma & Yannick from Luxurybackpacking (they sent pictures as well) have become happier people and with a more positive mind-set than before by connecting with everyone along the road. Especially because most of them share their attitude towards being independent and not being stuck in a 9 to 5 job in a certain location.

Sometimes the connection that happens is so deep after hours of conversation that you continue traveling together or stay in touch for years creating a stronger bond. And giving both parts the opportunity to have someone across the globe that will be there for you as a friend. Like Travel Blogger Alice Pye (attached picture) who collects friends from around the world, not just stamps. In her own words, “Travelling has rewarded her with some pretty incredible people. A lot of them are what she would call best friends even though they live on the other side of the world! She has made friends in nearly every continent.”

Or for Lola Méndez (Miss Filatelista) who believes that travel friends are great because you’ve already connected over a shared passion and will have endless conversations about your past travels, current adventures and dream destinations. Travel-friendships have a tendency to last across cultures, borders and time zones.

But is not only time, Age is no barrier to friendship – at home we gravitate to our own age groups, travel friends are old and young. Just like what Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge (The Copenhagen Traveller) experienced by meeting different people. “I’ve met some of my favorite people while traveling. When you dare to venture out in this world, you meet the most amazing people from all over the globe – young, old and from different cultural layers”. Without making it sound a bit cheese: creating friends from other cultures is the biggest gift you can give yourself. – Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge (The Copenhagen Traveller)

Because when we decide to step out of your normal comfort zones for meeting new friends we could end up finding the craziest characters in the world. If you don’t believe me, ask Megan Seamans & Andrew Johnston from Indefinite Travel whose favorite part of traveling is meeting people along the way. From the hitchhikers they picked up in Costa Rica to the man they are pretty sure was running from the law in Oahu. Travel friends always have the greatest stories to tell.

Even that night at the hostel we all agreed that you can have a deep connection with people you just met and some of them can even become friends for life, because time, distance or age are not the only factors that define how strong a friendship will be. Its the fact that you meet people that just like you, decided to leave their comfort zone in order to travel around the world, those who help when you when you are completely alone in a foreign country without knowing you or asking anything in return. Because being vulnerable with others is what sometimes helps us connect.

So if you ever have issues connecting with others in a new destination, remember that Travello (Download here) gives you the amazing benefit of connecting with others before you get to your destination or while you are traveling. Connecting with others is just a signup away on Travello.


Chantell Glenville

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Emma & Yannick (Luxurybackpacking)

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Alice Pye

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Lola Méndez (Miss Filatelista)

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Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge (The Copenhagen Traveller)

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Megan Seamans & Andrew Johnston (Indefinite Travel)

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Samia SalamancaIt’s True, A Journey Is Best Measured In Friends, Rather Than Miles
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12 Travel Blogger Insights On Self-Discovery Through Travel

12 Travel Blogger Insights On Self-Discovery Through Travel

Welcome to Part 1 of our 4-part Travel Blogger series.

If you missed the background and intro blog to this series, please feel free to read up on it first here.

Don’t forget if you’d like to join the Travello Travel Bloggers Group click here or the Solo Travellers, Travel Photographers or Digital Nomads Groups too.

Travello is not only a social network for travellers to discover and meet other like-minded travellers, it also enables like-minded travel writers, bloggers and photographers to join dedicated groups in the app now to share and discuss their travel advice, stories and adventures.

For many people, travel is an escape from everyday life. It’s something that most only get to do maybe once or twice a year, or for many more people, even less often than that. So it’s through travel stories, pictures and videos, all of which are at our digital finger tips in an instant, that help feed that hunger to be somewhere else, to travel to new places. There are so many new places out there in the world that people want to go and visit. For example, some people love the idea of going to Manhattan, if this is a place that you would like to go to then you might want to check out these Times Square hotels.

So travel bloggers are key to this, they help fire our imaginations, to help kindle our dreams to travel, to inspire us all to follow our dream to travel more often. For travel bloggers, travel is their everyday life, there is nothing that they want to escape from!

Generally, travel bloggers are referred to as “lucky”. They are so lucky to be able to travel the world, they are so lucky to live the life they live, they are so lucky to live their dream job. The reality is though, there is no luck to it. Most set off with not much more in their own back pockets but a dream, a dream to see the world, to experience new cultures and diversity, to find adventure or let adventure find them. A high paying career in travel is not what they set off into the sunset each day for.

Travel is much more than the outward stories they tell, stories which give you a chance to experience these destinations through the lens of their own eyes. That visual and written representation of what they discover on their travels is just half the story. One of the most intriguing stories about their journeys actually takes place inside themselves, their journey of self-discovery through their travels.

That’s what we really wanted to find out from them. We didn’t want their top tips for this place or that place, but rather, for them to open up and share what it is that they have discovered about themselves or about travel itself so that we can share that with you to possibly inspire you to look at your own travel or holidays in a different light.

We compiled this list of 12 core or common insights from them, however for their full quotes please read on further where you will also be able to discover their own stories through links to their blogs and social.

12 Travel Blogger Insights About Self-Discovery Through Travel

  1. There are three core traits you learn from travel – Tolerance, Appreciation & Patience. This one rang true across so many of their responses.
  2. Travel is not escapism, it’s life education. It grows your gratitude for life itself.
  3. Every day travel forces you to step out of your comfort zones
  4. Travel opens your eyes to discover that diversity transcends into similarities across the world
  5. Travel opens our eyes, sprit and heart. It’s an opportunity to see the world through new eyes, expand your views, realising how small your problems are in reality.
  6. Travel makes you feel like a citizen of the world, differences dissolve when you immerse yourself and discover the heart of their being.
  7. Sailing is for boats, not your life. Don’t just sail through life and just exist, but rather go live it. Embrace the excitement of the unknown that traveling teaches you.
  8. You never return home the same person you were after travelling. When we get home, home is still the same but on each return home there is something new in our mind that has changed each time, it gets rewired every time.
  9. Travel teaches self confidence and to stare down your fears, it gives you the confidence to simply smile at strangers. We forget that a friendly smile offers so much.
  10. A lot of people, especially the closest ones, will not understand why you do it, but that’s ok, this is your journey, not theirs.
  11. Travel teaches you to fall in love with yourself again. We are so busy trying to get people to love/like us, sometimes we forget to be attractive to ourselves. Travel helps to find that inner glow of happiness, to be at one with who you are.
  12. Travel teaches you that it’s never too late to start something new, we mean anything new!

And the BONUS one:

  • Shhhh, you don’t actually need to be rich to travel the world, just creative, determined and be prepared to travel with an open heart not just an open wallet!

NOTE: If any other travel bloggers would like to take part with some answers please feel free to email

Picture Credit - DanFlyingSolo

Picture Credit – DanFlyingSolo

The following are the actual comments from our travel bloggers that participated in this question. Feel free to check out all of their social profiles and follow their on going travel stories!

Megan Seamans & Andrew Johnston | INDEFINITE TRAVEL |

“Writing a travel blog for us is so much more than just showing off where we have been. It’s about inspiring others to go out and see this beautiful world we live in and find themselves on the way. For us, traveling is more than just checking items off our bucket list. Travel is more than just seeing new places and having pretty photos to post on Instagram. Travel is about seeing the world through new eyes, it’s about expanding our views to so much more than we ever knew they could be. It’s about figuring out how small our problems are in this world. Traveling opens our eyes, spirit and heart all at once and shatters any troubles we needed to leave behind.” – Megan & Andrew

Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge | The Copenhagen Traveler |

“My biggest motivation is freedom. With that being said, there’s definitely another side to it: inner growth. You can practice yoga and meditation, which I already do, but traveling – either solo or with a bunch of people – makes you reflect on life and gives you the strength to look deep inside of yourself. I got to know myself so much better after traveling alone, and even though I love traveling with someone else too, I still somehow prefer to venture out on my own. It’s a satisfying yet sometimes scary feeling and I love it!” – Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge

Jennifer Morilla | The Social Girl Traveler |

“I love inspiring people. Whether it’s a travel or just step out of your comfort zone. It’s definitely the most rewarding part about what I do. Traveling allows for growth. Whether it’s growing intellectually or personally. There is no price point for an experience like this. Traveling full-time has changed my life in multiple ways. With everything comes a struggle but the reward will always surpass.

If you’re looking for a moment where you need to reflect on your life; on your beliefs. Traveling will allow you to learn more than you could have ever imagined. It will be (it is) your greatest experience.” – Jennifer Morilla


“For many, travel is about escapism, for some experiences, but for me it is Education. Being lucky to visit so many incredible places around the world and interact with cultures, religions and places that many can only try to understand from the news is something I will never take for granted. When you can stand in a spot where genocide took place and speak to a survivor, or travel to Palestine, somewhere which is often hard to understand from the outside, and have various stereotypes crushed or simply understand what life truly is like can not be rivalled by any book or documentary. The more I travel, the more I get to and want to learn. Travelling has literally changed my life, my outlook, and my gratitude and I just wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience that.” – Dan James

Lisa Bundesen | The Middle Age Wanderer |

“Being in my middle age and having spent many years building a career with a very single focus, I realised that there was more to life. I had also struggled with my weight most of my adult life. So I needed to do something drastic to change my life. I booked my husband and myself on a trip to Peru to hike the Inca Trail. It meant I had 9 months to lose weight and get fit. That journey changed my life. Over the three days hiking the Inca Trail, I knew I could not give up. Those three days was an amazing self-discovery for me. It allowed me to realise that I could do things I never thought I could, both physically and mentally. Now I am fitter and healthier than ever and much of our travel now includes much more active activities including hiking in New Zealand and Tasmania. For those of us in our middle age, we can’t let our life go by without exploring and learning and travel allows us to do that.” -Lisa Bundesen

Emma & Yannick | Luxurybackpacking |

“Just after school, we decided not to be part of “the rat race”, but to go abroad instead. Since 2014 when we left school, we have travelled to over 30 countries ranging from the remote Lord Howe Island, off the coast of Australia to hiring a mustang in the desert of Nevada.

We think travelling abroad and getting in touch with other cultures is the most important thing to do, in order to achieve a mindset and personality of tolerance, appreciation and patience. That’s because if you never see anything apart from the place you’re born in, you’ll take everything for granted that there is.

One of our favourite travel quotes we believe is so relevant in todays society is: ‘You don’t have to be rich to travel well.’ Once you’ve gone abroad, you’ll stop complaining about things. You’ll start appreciating the positive things about your life instead of whining about small things that are actually no cause of trouble.” – Emma & Yannick

Alice Pye |

“I absolutely thrive off telling people about my adventures of travelling, it’s what brings me alive and I think because of that, I get people asking me questions about my experiences and that then motivates me to see more and tell more. It’s really humbling to have people say to you, “Keep travelling, I live through you!” – but with that I want to encourage those people to do it too. You can learn a lot by staying at home, but you can learn SO much more by stepping into unknown land. Your senses are heightened in every way and it’s true when they say you’ll never come home the same person.” – Alice Pye

Bruno Barroso | Geeky Explorer

Being outside of my comfort zone is a golden opportunity to get face-to-face with my inner fears, concerns and needs and learn to manage them everyday. And I can’t think of a most suitable situation where this happens other than when we’re on the road. If you think about it, traveling is constantly challenging you! Sometimes this is enlightening as I get to discover new skills and new inner motivations. Other times it can be hard and even stressful, but that’s where growth comes from.

Personally, traveling helped me a lot with my shyness. Before, I would classify myself as introvert – simply beginning a conversation with random strangers was a big deal for me. But every time I am on the road, I have to do it. To ask for directions, to haggle a tour price or simply when I want extra butter during the breakfast. At the beginning it was not easy, but with time I started to lose whatever fears I had. Today I don’t think I’m an introvert anymore and I can find joy in chatting with random people abroad, smiling back to strangers and sharing different points of view on life. It makes the whole travel experience more complete and yes I’m pretty sure most of it has to do with all the time I was traveling!” – Bruno Barrosso

Jamie and Lukas |

“The most important discovery is that life is flexible and we are all extremely influenced by societal standards. After traveling for a while now I realized more and more that every human has a choice to be free and live life in their own way: I do not HAVE to marry before I’m 30, I do not HAVE to have to work my ass off for an “important” company that doesn’t give two craps about me, just so I have a pension when I’m old. I do not HAVE to spend my life tied to a desk with the only actual free days being the weekends. I do not HAVE to wait until I’m old to have some freedom and I do NOT owe society anything. My advice to travellers is exactly this: Chill out. Breathe. Respect others and be tolerant. It’s actually as simple as that.” – Jamie and Lukas

Brenda G. Mejía |

“The biggest joy of being a Travel Blogger is actually finding myself every time I can do the two things that I love the most: traveling and writing. Becoming a travel blogger was something incidental and fortunately, I made it part of who I am and of how I live. Maybe it hasn’t been the easiest path, maybe a lot of people, especially the closest ones, still don’t understand but every day I’m a lot more grateful of all the things travel blogging have give me so far” – Brenda Mejía

Fatima Dhaif |

Why do I love traveling so much? Our lives can be spent in the same places, day in and day out, and we become numb to our surroundings. But when we walk down unfamiliar streets, our consciousness is heightened. It’s the exotic location, new smells, sounds and sights that stimulate me. It’s the curiosity that keeps me inspired and alive.

Another aspect that I really enjoy about traveling is meeting new people and learning about their country and culture. I enjoy interacting with the locals and making friends around the world. When we get home, home is still the same but something in our mind has changed.” – Fatima Dhaif

Chantell Glenville | I

Author of the best-selling book Travel for Your Life which shows people how to get over the obstacles that too frequently stop them from traveling and what the benefits of traveling will be.

“I love that I’m able to help save other people time in planning their routes by writing about the places I’ve travelled and provide support for those who might be worried about taking their first trip. The more people who travel the better as far as I’m concerned. It’s one of the most beneficial life experiences you can have.” – Chantell Glenville

Amalia Silva | Little Foot Adventures |

“The thing I love the most since becoming a travel blogger is that I have received much more information about insiders from the country I am about to travel to and I have discovered amazing places because of that. I discover that I actually need less to travel than when I started, these days I like to travel light and even while I am way I learn to make myself simple, sometimes just flip flops and a dress is enough, which was something that I would not have imagined before.” – Amalia Silva

Cora | The Path She Took |

My favourite part about being a blogger is, by FAR, when I receive a message or a comment of someone telling how they agree with me or how I’ve made them realized something, or moved them, or taught them something important … my blog is about green travel, so it’s pretty opinionated and it makes that kind of message even more sincere and beautiful! ” – Cora

Ava Pendl |

“Every day that you travel is a day outside of your comfort zone and a day for you to look at the world from a new perspective. Sure, you could be spending a day hanging out at your hostel writing or taking a nap on the beach, but you’re constantly learning about the world and yourself when you step outside of your norm and learn someone else’s. Being able to write about these experiences clarifies everything and helps you understand your journey. This notion fuels me to continue onward on a path of adventure through bad situations, great memories, and further into getting to know myself and the world better.” – Ava Pendl

Claire Summers |

“Travel for me is always a learning experience. It’s not about judgment of other cultures but acceptance and understanding. Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing learning is always at the heart of it. So far in Guatemala, I’ve learnt to weave in the traditional Mayan way, cook local food, attempt to learn Spanish (still on-going) and from every person I have met and spoken to they have left an imprint of some kind from the conversations we have had and the time we shared. That is the gift of travel for me, meeting new people, having new experiences and letting each person and experience change you just a little bit.” – Claire Summers

Lola Méndez | Miss Filatelista

Solo travel can lead to the strongest sense of self-love. You have to take care of yourself and prioritize your needs when you’re on the road, especially when you’re interacting with and trusting complete strangers. The advice I get most often from psychics and random people on the road is not to trust anyone. But I take that advice with a grain of salt, as I trust myself and my ability to stay clear from dangerous encounters and persons. I’ve been amazed at my ability to be nimble in tense situations, throw back hesitations in embarrassing moments and really live deeply through the experiences I have been fortunate enough to have through traveling. I think any traveller would tell you they fall a little bit in love with themselves after overcoming an unusually rough day, or achieving something from their travel ‘bucket list.” – Lola Méndez

Steph Dyson |

I started travel blogging at the end of five long years of teaching in a UK secondary school. It hardly needs pointing out that the difference between the two was stark: going from days that were regulated down to the minute (thanks to the shrill ring of the lesson bell) and where I was surrounded by people every second of the working day, to the luxury of being able to choose my hours – and my location – upon a whim. Moving from stability to eternal precarious living took some getting used to, but the more time I’ve spent exploring and writing about South America, the more I’ve fallen in love with a profession that on the surface is as easy as picking up your laptop and writing.

I’ve also learned how it’s never too late to start something new, whether it’s a language or a whole new career. I think that regardless of whether anyone wants to become a travel blogger or wants purely to see the world, it’s a way of discovering what things you’re passionate about, having the time to reflect on your way of living and maybe even take some huge, life-changing decisions.” – Steph Dyson

“I have discovered that it is ok to be more open and letting people in. I was very insecure when I was younger and making that step to see the world made me more open/social. I also realized I can do way more and am stronger then I have ever thought. The ‘world’ also doesn’t end when something doesn’t goes as planned and that there is always a solution. The advice I give travelers is that the world is a beautiful place and that you have to discover it sooner then later. You will make friends for a lifetime and learn more about yourself and the world around you as long as you have an open mind and positive attitude.” – Marlies

Ana Asanovic |

My self-discovery through travel changed me in a way that it encouraged me to take huge life steps. I moved from Serbia to Australia, alone, not knowing anybody in Melbourne.

Travel made me see how other people live and made me question my life choices. Made me realize how change is good and how people can adapt to living in other cultures and countries, and that being born in one country does not mean we need to spend our entire lives there. Traveling has made me feel like a citizen of the world, and that is something I have always felt, but with travel it has just confirmed to be true.” – Ana Asanovic

Amber Zulfiqar |

“You see how the word ‘Ravel’ comes in travel? As a travel blogger, I believe it’s one of the fastest, most long lasting ways to untangle your inner knots and open them to new perspectives, unravel the hidden persona that lives within you but you might not have been aware of it earlier. Travelling changes you from where you had been to where you’re now.

Solo travel is something everyone must experience at least once in a lifetime, it helps you understand yourself better, reflect upon your thoughts, both those that have gone by and those you yet plan to execute. It sets in great confidence, strengthens your power to make decisions and teaches you to cope when needed. Be around people you don’t know, who don’t speak your language, learn a few words from them and teach them some of yours, leave a part of you behind and bring back some of theirs. It’s okay if you’ve lost an item there, think like you’ve left a story of your life there which will remain there and go places and no one will know where it came from.

All of this teaches you to accept the strange, calm down because nothing is permanent, encounter the unexpected and be content with little, because you can’t carry too much at once anyway.” – Amber Zulfiqar

“Personally, travelling has been the best form of introspection there ever could be; being in foreign lands, meeting and understanding people from different cultures, exploring the diversities that transcend into similarities, and experiencing adventures that are unique to certain regions – makes me realise that although the world has become so small it is still packed with so much beauty that many a lifetimes are needed to appreciate it in its entirety.” – Raghav Modi

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Sam Lindner12 Travel Blogger Insights On Self-Discovery Through Travel
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Do you have what it takes to become a travel blogger and step outside your comfort zone every day?

Do you have what it takes to become a travel blogger and step outside your comfort zone every day?

So you want to become a full time travel blogger?

Who wouldn’t right?

They get paid to travel the world and experience new adventures in far away places every day, while everyone else looks on with awe, envy, jealousy and sometimes even a touch of “Bitch, I wish I had her life!”.

However, this post is not going to teach you how to start out as a travel blogger or how to make money as a travel blogger either, as there are plenty of other blogs out there on those two very topics. It could however give you a real big taste for it!

We wanted something with a bit more depth into the mind of a travel blogger, so we sent out a number of questions to over 100 travel bloggers to see if we could gain a little more understanding as to what they have personally gained from being a travel blogger and what they have discovered about themselves along the way. We’ve turned this into a 4 part-blog series for you.

This is to coincide with the launch of some new features on the Travello app, one being the new Interest Groups, such as the Travel Bloggers Group. This enables travel bloggers to connect with each other in the group. It’s a private social network just for travel bloggers, where they can message questions to others in the group, post photos from their current & past trips, plus importantly locate & meet up with other travel bloggers nearby right now or who will be in the same destination soon. If you are a travel blogger you can join right here:


Travel Blogger Ava Pendl from Kicking Asana puts it beautifully,

“Every day that you travel is a day outside of your comfort zone and a day for you to look at the world from a new perspective”

So, being a travel blogger is ridiculously easy right? All you need to do is post pictures on Instagram of the back of your head in front of amazing landscapes in branded attire, or tweet about your culinary orgasm at a secret local hole in the wall tapas bar on your latest sponsored adventure tour, or whack up a motivational image and travel quote on Facebook to tease everyone into a daydream just long enough for them to forget their day to day commitments and why they actually can’t pack everything up and leave tomorrow.

Simple right? So what’s holding you back from becoming one? A fair bit actually. There is a saying, “plenty have an image of me, but few get the picture”. This is true of travel bloggers; the image is usually very different to the true picture, of course there are the odd exceptions that do have remarkable lives on their trails around the world.

For example, we recently saw the story about Cassie De Pecol, who became the first woman to travel to every country in a record 18 months and 26 days 

However, in our view this just fuels that wrong image of travel bloggers. Although it’s an amazing feat that Cassie has achieved, it also cost over $200,000 from sponsors to help her achieve that and to tell her story. That doesn’t make it as remarkable as it could be in our books. Nothing personal or absolutely no attack on Cassie. She had a dream, was focused, got others to believe in that dream to financially back her, then she went out there and did it. That is success, no doubting that. However, from an average traveller’s perspective, we don’t think many can connect, relate or really understand the reason as to why she did it other than to get in to the record books.

The best travel bloggers are only successful if they have an audience that continually stays engaged with them. This is achieved through their ability to make them feel connected, to tell a story that they can or would love to relate to, a story that tells the tale of that place and its people, a story that pulls us in with emotion, not simply a plug of where they are in the world right now. Although social media is crucial to their profiles, it’s their personal story thread across all those social media outlets as a whole that drives their success.

Through the upcoming series we’d like to take you on a journey into their self-discovery and life as a travel blogger, to help you understand the real picture about them, not just the image you perceive.

The first in the series is a question about their self-discovery through travel. What have they learnt about themselves through their journeys. We’ll be providing links to the featured travel bloggers so you can follow their story beyond here too.

So stay tuned for the first instalment!

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Sam LindnerDo you have what it takes to become a travel blogger and step outside your comfort zone every day?
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