Travello’s 2019 Global Travel Survey

Travello’s 2019 Global Travel Survey

Over 90% of travellers have or will travel solo, the biggest influence on travel decision making is peers and over 80% of travellers would choose travel over sex! These are just some of the findings that came out of Travello’s first ever Global Travel Survey.

It seems that solo travel is on the rise and here to stay with a whopping 92% of respondents willing to hit the road alone. This is a trend we’ve noticed for some-time at Travello and the popularity of solo travel doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.    

Short 4-10 Day trips account for 50% of travel intention for the next 12 months.

Just over half of all respondents (54%) were female, so any perception that women weren’t as willing as men to travel solo is completely wrong!

Over 97% of our respondents said they would be travelling in the next 12 months and it looks like short sharp trips are on the rise! 50% said they travel (on average) for 4-10 days at a time, 23% for 11-20 days and only 18% were hitting the road for over 21 days.

The experiences you have while travelling is the best thing about travel

When asked what the best part about travelling was, there was a runaway winner with 72% stating Experiences (including tours & activities). The people you meet was the next best thing (16%) with the places you stay (7%), the food you eat (4%) and the things you buy (>1%) taking out the minor placings. So experiences and people are clearly the most important things for today’s traveller.

Are you mobile-ready as a travel business? You better be!

As expected, the mobile phone plays an integral role for travellers today with 83% saying they used their mobile to book one or more parts of their last trip.

Over 50% of travellers have booked tours & experiences on their mobile.

Accommodation & flights lead the way, but the big growth came in the “Experiences” vertical, with over 54% saying they had used their mobile to book a tour, activity or experience on their last trip. This is significantly higher than most industry surveys that report mobile booking for experiences closer to 30%. It looks like Travello, Klook, Get your Guide and some of the other Experience OTAs are on the right track!

Today’s travellers would rather collect experiences, not things

It’s a cliché, but it looks like it’s also the truth! Today’s travellers would rather collect experiences, not things. When asked where they preferred to spend their travel budget, experiences came out well ahead of flights, accommodation, food, beverages and transfers. It looks like they are happy to rough it on the flight and the hotel in order to get that amazing experience (and Instagram shot to prove it!)

over 20% of travellers now like to book the majority of their trip after they arrive in the destination

Mobile, phones and increased connectivity are also having an impact on the booking window, which is becoming shorter and shorter. While the majority of travellers still like to book in advance, over 20% of travellers now like to book the majority of their trip after they arrive in the destination. This correlates with the growth in solo travel and the spontaneous nature that goes along with it. Solo travellers are less bound to plans, can meet people as they go and find amazing adventures they never had planned!

Peer to peer recommendations rule the roost

And what’s the biggest influence on their travel decision making? Peer to peer recommendations! Over 31% said peer’s recommendations played the biggest part in where they went and what they did. But Trip Advisor isn’t dead just yet, with reviews (29%) coming in a close second. The days of the travel influencer might be coming to an end with only 9% saying these tanned travel gods are their biggest influence – on par with old school travel ads at 9%. So it seems the humble fellow traveller is a bigger influence than the influencers!

What would you choose travel over?

We also thought we’d have a little fun, just to see how important travel really was! And guess what – it’s pretty important! 62% said they would choose their dream trip over their dream job and 76% would choose travel over a home deposit. 80% would choose travel over sex (I guess that depends who you’re doing it with!) and just over half of respondents (53%) would actually choose travel over their partner!

Would you choose a dream trip or a dream job?

Would you choose a Home Deposit of Spend it on Travel?

Would you choose the love of a partner or the love from travel

Would you choose more travel or more sex?

Travello’s inaugural Global Travel Survey revealed some great insights. We’ll be back next year to see what’s changed, what’s new and whether even more people would choose travel over their partners!

Sam LindnerTravello’s 2019 Global Travel Survey
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Would You Travel With A Complete Stranger?

Would You Travel With A Complete Stranger?

It’s a question which does stir up quite a bit of debate. However, many backpackers all around the world actually embark on a journey all the time with a stranger that they may have only just recently met.

You only need to Google “Travel with a stranger” to find hundreds of links to blogs and articles outlining the benefits of travelling with strangers and how travellers have met great new travel buddies and mates for life from doing so.

We need to point out though, we are talking more so about organic travel experiences that bring two strangers together, not companion based/dating-type travel sites that attempt to put strangers together for companionship. No, we are talking about the experiences where travellers find themselves in situations where fate brings the two together and they decide to take the plunge and travel together. That could be two travellers or even just a traveller that has met a local too.

Solo travel is a hugely popular category, and in fact female solo travellers are well supported all around the world with likeminded groups, forums and of course apps. Travello also caters for this segment of solo travellers of course but also female travellers with a private Female Travellers group too, connecting females that are travelling now or in destinations where they will be travelling to as well.

Our latest competition is an invitation to the adventurous at heart. We would love to match two individual strangers together for a trip of a lifetime around Australia. However entrants are actually open to both individuals who would love to win and travel with a stranger as well as two mates or even couples as well. It’s one heck of a trip from Cairns down to Sydney and the Adelaide up to Uluru on a 4-6 week adventure together!

It includes Airfares, accommodation mostly with YHAs, a JUCY camper van, spending money, travel insurance and a whole heap of adventures along the way in every destination. The whole trip is worth over $25,000 for the two winners. For a full outline of prize details make sure you check out the competition entry page here –

All you need to do to enter is submit your details along with a 1-2 minute video explaining why you or you and your mate or partner would be the best travel mate in the world for this adventure! So you can enter as an individual wanting to be matched by us to a new travel mate for this adventure or as a team of two already.

We are looking for entrants from Australia as well as anywhere around the world. We’d love Australian’s to enter as we’d love to be able to match up 1 Australian with an International for the trip, however entrants are open to teams from anywhere around the world as well.

If you are an aspiring travel blogger, photographer or vlogger then this prize is right up your alley too, as the requirement of this trip is that you will be sharing every experience not only on the Travello app but also across our social channels and of course yours as well. So this will help springboard an intense travel content challenge for you.

To give you a small taste of what the winners will be up to, over the coming weeks we will be doing a few small teasers from a couple of the destinations that the winners will be visiting. The first one of these we did on the Gold Coast recently. We approached the Surfers Paradise YHA to find us two backpackers that would be up for a full days adventure.

The day started with picking up a JUCY Champ camper van and heading over to the Surfers Paradise YHA to pick up the two backpackers. From there we hopped in the JUCY van for a quick chat to find out a little more about them. The two lucky backpackers were Anniken from Norway and Emanuel from Argentina. They then got to experience a Surf lesson thanks to our prize partner GetWetSurf, a SUP lesson thanks to Go Vertical SUP Hire and an exhilarating jetboat ride thanks to Paradise Jetboating!

Here is a bit of that action that we captured so that you can get a taste of all the fun the winners will have!


Sam LindnerWould You Travel With A Complete Stranger?
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Top 7 Inspirational Places To Visit In SEA

Top 7 Inspirational Places To Visit In SEA

Southeast Asia is one of the most marketable destinations for all kind of travellers. It offers so much in value and variety that in recent years tourism has sky-rocketed. Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen at least one mesmerizing photo of the beautiful places in SEA, enticing you with its white-sanded beaches, intricate temples, Buddha statues, the luring green jungle and the natural coconuts ready to sip on. Making it a traveller’s dream!!

There are hundreds of places to visit over there, if not thousands, that offer its visitors some form of inspiration. Unfortunately, some travellers have limited time, so for them making the decision of which places they shouldn’t miss out on their trip becomes a very complicated and stressful situation. To help release some of that stress, we decided to put together a list of all of the places that stand out from the rest and are a ‘must visit’ in Southeast Asia.

Take a look at the ‘Top 7 Inspirational Places to Visit in Southeast Asia’ that will make you want to pack up your bags right now!

1.Borneo, Malaysia

Borneo is special because of two things: the rainforests and the friendly orangutans that live in there. Orangutans share 96% of human DNA making them one of the most intelligent primates, and seeing these interesting creatures in the wild can inspire any traveller. Wildlife is unique in parts of Asia, and these amazing orangutans top the lot!

Unfortunately, the rainforests in Malaysia are being destroyed for the search of natural resources; such as palm oil, so their native beauty is slowly diminishing. We hope deforestation stops soon, as the orangutans need their natural habitat to live and reproduce. If you want to go a step further you can sign up to volunteer with them -which includes feeding them first hand.

2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is often the postcard photo of Southeast Asia. With its intricate design and spread out structure these ancient ruins inspire the most to travel to Southeast Asia. Especially if you’ve witnessed the sunrise or the sunset peeking above its pillars.

Angkor Wat is one of the largest religious sites in the world and also one of the most visited – with over 2 million visitors each year-. If you’re looking for cultural kicks and true insights of the history of Cambodia, exploring the incredible ruins of Angkor Wat are a must-see in Southeast Asia.

3. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam has a reputation of being fast and furious with its millions of bikes and raw and ready culture, but the archipelago of Halong Bay couldn’t be further away from that. Based in the North of the country, Halong Bay offers a set of idyllic limestone islands, topped with rainforests. The laid back and exotic nature of these islands are perfectly complemented with emerald waters, making it an inspiring view for any cruise or boat trip.

If you decide to visit this beautiful place,Cát Bà National Park is a particular hotspot.

4. Rice Terraces, Philippines

Thousands of years old, these UNESCO Heritage certified rice paddies and terraces are like an array of rural steps made for giants. With rows and rows of weaved green platforms in Banaue, situated in the Philippines north, the rice terraces are a must visit. Despite their beauty, still the majority of travellers in the Philippines, who choose the unspoilt white-sanded islands instead, often overlook them. If you’re a bit of an outdoorsy traveller and love a good hike, just seeing the photos of the rice terraces will immediately give you wanderlust.

5. Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Indonesia is most known for its holiday destination hotspot Bali, with the surrounding Gili Islands a treasure to visit. However, Indonesia is home to 220 million people and certainly has a lot more to it than that. Often seen as the most difficult yet worthwhile hike open to visitors in Southeast Asia, Mount Rinjani offers world-class views. With the peak far above the clouds near, it’s a popular activity to witness the sunrise here. An active volcano based in Lombok, the elevation reaches nearly 4,000 m and is the second largest volcano in Indonesia!

6. Krabi, Thailand

Any list describing the wonders of Southeast Asia wouldn’t be complete with mentioning some of what Thailand has to offer. The country that opened the door for Southeast Asia travel in its modernity, Thailand has many places that inspire and is normally the first stop people go to. With a more commercial outlook than it’s neighbours, it’s easily the most visited. Famed for its Thai islands in the south, the province of Krabi has many a wonder to inspire. With a white-sand stretch of beaches such as Railay, crystal clear waters for snorkelling and scuba diving with a plethora of marine life, and limestone rocks that match of Halong Bay, Krabi will be the place you’ll often see on the front of the brochure.

7. Bagan Temples, Myanmar

With Myanmar opening to visitors only as recent as 2011, it’s recent surge of travellers have only begun to gather pace in the last couple of years. Even though the number of tourists hasn’t reached the heights as expected, the potential is definitely there. The country has limited the access for visitors to a lot of places, however, there are in total 4400 temples and pagodas open to anyone to freely explore. Probably the most sought for sights in the whole country are the Bagan temples, where if you manage to get a good view from the heights, the stunning backdrop of the temples provide a view of the magnificent intricate brick structures, as well as an insight into the history and size of the empires that once ruled this area.

Tommy WalkerTop 7 Inspirational Places To Visit In SEA
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Top 10 Party Destinations For Solo Travellers In Southeast Asia

Top 10 Party Destinations For Solo Travellers In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia (SEA) is a region full of many wonders. Humbling religions, exotic wildlife, blissful beaches, hectic cities and mouth-watering food make some of the elements of why Southeast Asia is one of the #1 places to visit as a traveler.

For years, many solo travelers have picked Southeast Asia shores as their travel destination and it has been said, it’s kind of perfect. People back home may wonder why, what makes Southeast Asia perfect for solo travelers?

Well, the social scene and places to party in Southeast Asia is awesome.

For some solo travelers, the best icebreaker to meet other like-minded travelers is to party, and Southeast Asia isn’t short of that. But which are the best spots to have a party? Well, if you all partygoers are ready to take notes,

Here is my list of the “The Top 10 Party Destinations for Solo Travellers in Southeast Asia” divided per country:


Bangkok, Thailand

Also known as the gateway to Southeast Asia, the Thai capital is most travellers’ first port of call when travelling the region. With it’s bustling nature and 24-hour nightlife, nights out in Bangkok can get crazy.

The most notable place in there is Khao San Road, an age-old backpacker strip with loud music, street bars and nightclubs. Now, if you’re looking for pre-drinks in one of the most sociable hostels in the whole of Southeast Asia, Nappark Hostel is a wonderful place to start.

Koh Phangan

This Thai southern island seems to be on many traveller’s bucket list thanks to its monthly Full Moon Party. With tens of thousands of travellers hitting Haad Rin Beach at once, your odds of meeting other solo travellers to party is quite high. So if you’re a solo traveller at the beginning of the night, there’s no doubt you’ll meet new friends here.

There are many clubs and pop-up bars when it’s Full Moon time, all laced with alcohol-induced buckets, so for that, there’s no better place for a party. However, do be careful when drinking from the pop-up bars stalls here. Cheap alcohol can be dangerous!

Koh Phi Phi

Often advertised with its popular Maya Bay situated inside a limestone cliff lagoon. This iconic beach was the set of Leo Di Caprio’s movie “The Beach”, released way back in the year 2000.

But Koh Phi Phi is not only an amazing place to visit during the day, the island itself is a party-mad kind of place. With bar crawls, beach parties and a constant vibe, Koh Phi Phi is carnage. You’ll never have problems meeting travellers here.



The capital of Vietnam is that kind of charming and cosy city with cool quirky bars popping up everywhere. Here, “The Old Quarter” is one of the most visited places by travellers, full of outdoor bars, seats and $0.50 cent rice beers!! Making it the perfect spot to meet others.

Although some companies put bar crawls on, which seems a little too much, it’s not difficult to meet fellow travellers in Hanoi. Stay in and around the Old Quarter, or head to some popular hostels and you’ll no doubt meet people.

Nha Trang

Just past halfway down Vietnam, Nha Trang is a place that people love to visit and have a party. With tons of investment going on, travellers are flocking over there more than ever.

Vin Pearl Waterpark is popular for travellers, as well as the beaches so you’re bound to bump into a fellow traveller over a beer or two!


Koh Rong

If the Thai islands are too much for you, the Cambodian Islands tend to have a better balance. Islands like Koh Rong can attract many solo travellers due to the place being less built up, fairly new to the traveller’s scene, and generally give you a more local vibe.

With a pretty active nightlife most days of the week, meeting fellow travellers here is easy. Just go out to the beach and make friends!

Siem Reap

Although this city is the home of Angkor Wat, the world’s most visited religious site, Siem Reap’s small party scene still gets praise from travellers.

After spending the day wandering around the intricate pillars of Cambodia’s #1 attraction, Pub Street is the place where solo travellers tend to roam around. Spend a few days here, seeing Angkor Wat during the day, and mingling with other travellers over Angkor Beer at night.



The #1 island hotspot, is always buzzing with solo travellers. But despite partying travellers coming daily, the stunning white sand is kept impeccably clean across its main front.

Once in Boracay you might want to consider visiting the Frendz Resort, which many would say is still the best hostel to make friends. With vibrant live music and located just a stone throw away from the main strip, fear not solo travellers, you’re going to meet people here.




Aussies tend to love taking a trip to Bali for their holidays, like what Spain is for Brits or Hawaii to Americans. However, Bali is more than just an Aussie beach destination to other travellers. Kuta in Bali is a full-lit up place full of bars and parties.

If you stay fairly central in Kuta you’ll soon realise you’ll be near many fellow travellers, many of them solo. Kayun Hostel is a good place for that, and if you want to party, there is no doubt Skybar will be at some point in your itinerary.

Gili T

Out of the three islands in the Gili’s, Gili T is the one that is full of solo travellers who love to have a party. Although the events are generally shared between all the bars and clubs on the island so everyone gets their fair share of business (3 or 4 times per week), Gili T is a rocking kind of place when it gets going.Cars don’t exist

Cars don’t exist on the island, but it can be cycled from side to side in around 30 minutes, so you won’t have to cycle far before you bump into another fellow solo traveller. So just get ready for “beach time during the day and party on the night”. This is generally the way to go here!

Tommy WalkerTop 10 Party Destinations For Solo Travellers In Southeast Asia
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The Solo Travellers Checklist For Travelling Southeast Asia

The Solo Travellers Checklist For Travelling Southeast Asia
  • Image: @my.infinity.wanders

Solo travelling to many is the only way to travel. Coupled with those pre-trip nerves, your courage to go it alone to far-away places will be rewarded with some of the most satisfying experiences that you will ever muster.

Your hard work of doing what you want based on how you feel and when you want will pay off, you meet new friends and you will push your independence all whilst travelling vastly into your unknown world. Travelling solo really does bring out the best in you, as you’re constantly pushed out of your comfort zone and that not only benefits you on your travels, but also in the rest of your life too.

You’ll learn that being content in your own company becomes hugely revitalising, something that only you can be proud of. You will be revelling in your own success in parallel with some of the best days of your life. Yet, despite all the props that come with solo travelling, everyone has to prepare still.

Southeast Asia is a great place to begin solo travelling. The warming culture, social travel scene and affordability (to western costs) are all major factors in why year after year for many, many years, solo travellers choose to unravel their journey here. If you’re a first timer in Southeast Asia we’ve put a quick checklist together for you to consider.

  • Image: @inna_tevi

Try To Reassure Your Family

Most families and friends will think you’re crazy for going travelling to Asia alone, to many it will be unheard of. Yet, you’ve made the decision to do it, so just reassure them a bit more you’ve done your research (like reading this article) and you have plans in place. When you’re out on the road, they’ll no doubt get a load of your travel photos anyway, and the odd Skype once in a while doesn’t hurt, to let them know you’re alive.

Book Your Flight

First things first, make that first step and book your flight; don’t wait, you’re travelling solo remember, the longer you put this off the more doubt will set in. This is all on you. It really depends which way you come from, but most travellers begin at Bangkok in Thailand, as it’s seen as the ‘gateway to Southeast Asia’. If you’re on an open ended trip, for example if you are heading out to Bangkok Koh Phangan or the other islands of Thailand, then you only need to book a one-way flight. That might sound scary but exciting too! You’ll be journeying into the unknown with no time limit of when you’ll be back. That is what travelling is all about.

Stay In Hostels

Before you fly out, booking your first few nights accommodation is pretty standard. After that play it by ear as plans always can change, especially if you meet new travel friends along the way. Hostels are the perfect way to meet other travellers, many of who will be solo like you. If you do make it to Bangkok we recommend Nappark Hostel or the soon to be opened Mad Monkey Bangkok. Why? Because these places will have plenty of solo travellers like you, ready to meet and travel together.

Join And Network In The SE Asia Facebook Groups

If you are looking for a huge network of other travellers that have either passed through Asia or are about to then you can find them in multiple Facebook groups for Southeast Asia. These members and travellers are just like you, solo and ready to take the lead into Asia. Post questions (be specific) about which hostels, what attractions to see or simple ask if anyone wants to meet up. You’ll get answers quickly if not instantly. South East Asia Backpacking and Southeast Asia Backpacking are two of the largest groups of their kind on Facebook right now.

Download Travello & Join The SE Asia & Solo Travel Groups

One of the limitations with Facebook Groups though is that it’s not always easy to quickly see and interact with just those travellers that are there right now or about to arrive. So this is one of the best features and benefits about Travello, you can see who is nearby right now, it also notifies you when other travellers have arrived to your destination too. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you’ll have no trouble at all from meeting other solo travellers that are nearby right now. This is perfect for solo travellers, because you can pick and choose whom you want to meet or if you want to meet at all. One of the great things about going solo is that YOU decide what you want to do, but at the same time you can meet new people to share your travel experiences too! Like Facebook, its also a travel community, so join the conversation on the feed to post your own photo, video or text updates or post your own questions or advice as well.

Get A SE Asia Travel Guide (Online / Book)

It’s always good to carry a paperback travel guide with you, and if that’s what you’re going to do, Lonely Planet or Rough Guides will give you all the basics plus the nitty gritty information. Even if you don’t follow it word for word, you still have a nucleus base of information that gives you a foundation of where to start or where to end up. With all the wealth of information online with blogs, articles and e-books, such as Adventure In You these are also worth considering today too. Reading valuable information as a solo traveller enables you to make your own choices as and when you want.

Tell Your Bank

Nowadays, banks can block cards for the most trivial of use internationally, so it’s important you let them know of your plans. What you can also get is travel cards that reduce costs for withdrawals and transactions too, which saves you money in the long run. You aren’t sharing a bank account with a partner or costs with a friend, so it’s important as a solo traveller you tick this off the list prior to travelling.

Arrange Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is key to travelling anywhere, but in Southeast Asia, where laws and facilities are not the same as you might expect at home, it’s vital to cover yourself. Whether your airline loses your bag, you get things stolen or injure yourself on an exciting excursion; it’s good to know you’re covered. How bad would it be NOT to go with travel insurance, solo and end up losing all your money or luggage, knowing your all alone and have no cover? It would be the worst. There are many insurance companies that will cover you depending where you are from, such as Covered2Go Travel Insurance, World Nomads and InsureAndGo.

Consider Getting Your Southeast Asia Travel Vaccinations

Because you’ll be travelling throughout countries that have environments that can impose diseases and viruses foreign to you, as well as practices and facilities being a little less strict, getting the necessary travel vaccinations is something to definitely consider as a priority. Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B, Japanese Encephalitis and Tetanus vaccinations are all common vaccinations to get prior to your travels, with malaria medication purchased in form of oral tablets. Most of the time you will go to your own local travel clinics depending which country you are from. Addition to that, don’t forget to take your common sense with you though too! Think of clothing cover, repellents, water/drinking safety, food and personal hygiene as an example. All very important to not get lax on those, as it can dramatically cut short your solo adventures!

Packing Solo

Packing without anyone else packing with you can sometimes be a little confusing. What to take? How many clothes? How many shoes? Well, Southeast Asia is warm even when it rains; so don’t worry about packing too much. Asia isn’t a place to take expensive clothes because they’ll just get outworn and out-washed. Keep things light, t-shirts, singlets, shorts etc, with a pair of long pants, trainers and hoodie or jacket. If you’re taking a backpack, which we recommend because of how mobile you can be, nothing more than a 60L backpack is required as the average traveller, you really won’t need to take that much! Solo travel is not a fashion parade, keep it simple and efficient, buy local if you have to as it will be way cheaper than a big shop before you leave.

Take The Necessities

For Asia, bringing SPF, Mosquito spray, malaria tablets (prescribed) are all necessary. You’ll be in hot weather and the sun can be relentless here. In rural areas, mosquitos can be rife, and with dengue fever and malaria common in some parts like Cambodia and Myanmar, it’s important you take precautions. Don’t forget your shades, a hat, and a pair of comfortable footwear like flip-flops or sandals. You’ll be taking photos probably, so remember to pack your GoPro, camera or smartphone, but that goes without saying.

Above all, trust in yourself, you can do this!

This Is A Guest Post by Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker | The Wandering Walker |

Tommy WalkerThe Solo Travellers Checklist For Travelling Southeast Asia
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11 Budget Travel Hacks To Travel Around Europe

11 Budget Travel Hacks To Travel Around Europe

The best thing about traveling around Europe is how convenient and easy it is to travel from one destination to another, jumping from one culture to the next. In other regions around the world the foundations of the culture and ways of life normally all tie in with each other. Where as in Europe, you could be a couple hours away from a place that is so different to where you’re situated.

The Latin flair of Spain and Portugal isn’t too far from the shores of the UK, Amsterdam, Belgium and Germany, that’s the beauty of Europe, the variety and the history of each nation. Yet, as much as Europe is a place we all can find somewhere we want to travel and to visit, the costs in Europe are remarkably higher than other typical budget traveller destinations, especially Western Europe.

Now, we all know there are must see’s all around Europe, but it’s the cost it warrants to travel, live, eat, sleep and everything else that can become more difficult. We want to travel as long as possible, so with that in mind, we thought we’d come up with some Europe hacks for you to keep your budget tight, but make the most out of your trip.

These are the best travel hacks for making your way all around Europe on a budget this summer.

1. Sign Up To The Free Attractions

Free walking tours are a great way for you to learn the foundations of a place. You get the chance to do some sightseeing and make friends in the tour too. Plus, getting your bearings is always good with someone who knows where and when to go leading the charge. Also, any other free attractions such as visiting an old church, a viewpoint or a beach are always possible to see without cost.

2. Limit Big Tours, DIY

That being said, tours normally come at a price so if you don’t need to go with one, don’t. Travel is about exploring, and doing it yourself is one of the most liberating experiences. If you can take local transportation to a major attraction to save money rather than paying more on the tour, do it! In Europe things can be expensive, and if you do it more often than not this week, you’ll travel longer. However, for sure, sprinkle in the odd group tour if you can stretch the budget if you dont really want to do any planning or just want an easy way to meet and hang out with a large group, just understand what you will be sacrificing with that money though.

3. Don’t Visit Everything 

Do your research before; you don’t have to visit every place you’ve read about, as then it only becomes a bucket list journey. Know what you like, what you’re keen on and what you’ve got budget for.

The Colosseum in Rome, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London; these are all monumental attractions that are on anyone’s travel bucket list, no matter what kind of traveller you are. Just bare in mind that some attractions sound better in a listicle rather than what they actually are, but if you want to see the main attractions then keep to that, this experience is for you.

4. Stay With Worldly Friends 

In today’s day and age most travelers have a friend or two from destinations afar. Why? The world is more interconnected; people are moving abroad and traveling more. So if you’re in Munich for the weekend and your German buddy whom you shared drinks with one time lives there, hit him up! You get to see things the local way, free of charge and have a friend to go with too!

5. Try Couchsurfing 

If your pool of friends isn’t that vast yet, then Couchsurfing is a more official way of staying with locals for free. You get to meet someone new, and hopefully if they’re a good host they’ll take you to some of the budget friendly places you won’t have any idea they were there.

6. Download an App to Meet People

Travel apps nowadays are extremely helpful; they can save you money and time with your experiences whilst on the road. If you want to meet other like-minded travelers with a similar trip, Travello puts you in touch with people near you. You can make contact with them and see what plans they have.

7. Eat Street Food or Cook For Yourself

Eating out in Europe can be a bit pricey, especially if you’re on a tight daily budget. Nibbling at street food sandwiches or baguettes for 4-5 Euro’s will keep you going, but if you have time, you can cook for yourself at the hostel. Pasta is always the easiest dish, and keeps the costs way down too!

8. Pre-Drinks Always

If clubbing is on the agenda, which in a lot of the cases it is at some point during your travel in Europe, it’s best to pre-drink before the main event. European drinks prices in bars can be high depending where you go, so if you need to stick to a budget, finish off some cheap wine before you go out. You’ll save money doing this for sure.

9. Use Car Share Services

One good thing that you can access whilst traveling Europe are car-sharing services such as Bla Bla Car. Things might get a little squashed in a car full of strangers, but the cost will be a lot lower when traveling around a country, or crossing into another.

10. Bus It Instead of Interrail

Bus companies such, as Flixbus, are ideal for traveling Europe. These services run regularly all day and night in most European countries, and also offer a consistent hop on-hop-off service at cheap rates. Although the Interrail has historically always been cemented as part of a travelers Europe experience, being more practical has to be considered if you’re traveling on a budget.

11. Work In a Hostel For a Bit

If you fell in love of a country and want to see more of it, there is no better way to do it than working in that place so you can really explore its environs. Hostel working normally comes in exchange for accommodation and food, which covers some major costs. At the same time you’ll meet other travelers, locals and get to see the best pockets of the place you fell in the love with in the first place.

This Is A Guest Post by Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker | The Wandering Walker |

Start connecting with new travel friends from over 170 countries today.

Available for iOS and Android


Tommy Walker11 Budget Travel Hacks To Travel Around Europe
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Finding New Friends While Travelling Is Not Always Easy

Finding New Friends While Travelling Is Not Always Easy

Backpackers, Travel Bloggers, Digital Nomads, Female Solo Travellers, we all have different ways on how we choose to travel. Whether we decide to do it solo or with a partner, we all eventually at times find ourselves struggling to connect with others.

In a previous blog on Travello, we talked about how travelling can open the door to meeting the most amazing people, friends you will keep for life. However, that is not always the case, travelling can be lonely at times as well, it’s not always so easy to make friends everywhere straight away.

I remember the first time I left my country to travel solo, I was on my way to Asia with no one next to me to share the adventure or to lean on when things don’t go as planned. Till that trip, I’ve never realized how hard it can be to meet other people while travelling, and it is not because of lack of skills to do so, is just that people come and go so fast in hostels that it makes it hard to make a quick connection with others.

Travel bloggers spend a lot of their time alone. “Being a solo traveller that is usually working on the road makes it harder to meet others. Hostels are usually out, as a blogger you need a reliable work place and deadlines can mean you are in and out far too quickly. The bonus is this makes you seek out connections with locals so you can gain a better understanding of a destination”. – Dan Flying Solo –

There is also that part of matching trips between travellers that make things harder, especially for those who are constantly travelling around the world driven by the need to go off the map and hunt down the places where other travellers wouldn’t normally go.

Steph Dyson from Wordly Adventurer believes that “sometimes it’s conducive to writing, specially when visiting places where having a new travel buddy joining her for a hitchhiking adventure would make her feel safer, or be a good distraction on a long journey”. The speed of traveling is another factor for Steph because she “ has a tendency to travel far slower than other backpackers, meaning that it leaves fewer opportunities to meet a new companion and disappear traveling with them”.

Travel blogging can be the most amazing career, but it also makes it very difficult for them to connect with others. Unlike everyone else in the hostel they always got a deadline hanging over their shoulders, social media to schedule or some emails to send – Steph Dyson-

Travelling with a partner can make you feel lonely sometimes too. “Some people consider that travelling as a couple would never make you feel lonely, but that is not always true. It can be very difficult to find new relationships on the road because you tend to pigeonhole yourself to just being with that one person. Even though it’s incredible for the relationship and you grow infinitely stronger and closer, you can miss out on a lot of the solo-travel experience when you’ve got your rock with you”. – Ava Pendl – 

These stories reminded me a conversation with a friend about her trip through USA with her partner, she told me she found it really hard to meet other couples with the same interests and plans in order to organize some adventures together. There is also that part of needing time alone, but sometimes it is difficult because you were travelling as a couple so you never thought on meeting others separately.

And that is only the physical aspect of meeting people, there is also the online world, where options like Facebook groups offer travellers the opportunity to connect with others in travel groups, however a comment can get lost between the other hundreds of posts published per day, and if you are looking for specific information within those groups it is almost impossible without scrolling down and having to check every single post.

Luckily we have now social networks specific for travellers like Travello, where meeting others is a tap away. There is no need to know the person before hand to be able to connect, plus with the “Groups” feature you can find specific information that is only related to what you need and want. This feature also allows you to see who is in there so it is easier to connect. While if you have a trip planned you can add that into Travello and see who else is planning to be in that same destination at the same time as you.

So if you ever find it hard to meet other people in a future or current destination, remember that Travello (Download here) gives you the amazing benefit of connecting with others with similar interests. Connecting with others is just a signup away.

Thank you to all the Bloggers and Vloggers for their contribution to create this article. If you want to know more about them follow them on Social Media

Daniel James (Dan Flying Solo)

Sign up to his blog to follow his travels, or follow him on

Steph Dyson from Worldly Adventurer

Sign up to her blog to follow her travels, or follow her on

Ava Pendl from Kicking Asana

Sign up to her blog to follow her travels, or follow her on

Samia SalamancaFinding New Friends While Travelling Is Not Always Easy
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It’s True, A Journey Is Best Measured In Friends, Rather Than Miles

It’s True, A Journey Is Best Measured In Friends, Rather Than Miles

One of my favorite parts of traveling is the uncertainty of what I could encounter, but the most exciting part for me is the thrill of the unknown as to all the interesting people I will meet along the way. We can predict to a certain degree what we are going to see, but not the unpredictable nature of whom we will meet a long the way. Some of these characters will become part of our lives and stories, and others will change our lives forever.

After cooling down ourselves with a couple of beers in the garden of our hostel in Chiang Mai, me and some other travelers started wondering, how real, strong and long-lasting are the friendships you make while traveling? How those amazing and fun travel mates you get to know just for a couple of hours or days, in places like hostels, buses or trains can become long last friendships?

This conversation came to my mind the other day and couldn’t take it out of my head, so I decided to ask other Travel Bloggers their thought on this topic of meeting new friends while traveling, a perfect question for these adventurers that spend most of their time traveling around the world.

According to Travel Blogger Chantell Glenville (Travel For Your Life) there’s a big misconception that the friendships you make while traveling don’t last or aren’t real. She met some of her best friends and favorite people in the world while traveling. It is true that sometimes time defines the depth of the connection with others, like those friends we make during our childhood or school days, but it is not only time what creates that connection, is also sharing the same ideas or situations.

Travel Bloggers Emma & Yannick from Luxurybackpacking (they sent pictures as well) have become happier people and with a more positive mind-set than before by connecting with everyone along the road. Especially because most of them share their attitude towards being independent and not being stuck in a 9 to 5 job in a certain location.

Sometimes the connection that happens is so deep after hours of conversation that you continue traveling together or stay in touch for years creating a stronger bond. And giving both parts the opportunity to have someone across the globe that will be there for you as a friend. Like Travel Blogger Alice Pye (attached picture) who collects friends from around the world, not just stamps. In her own words, “Travelling has rewarded her with some pretty incredible people. A lot of them are what she would call best friends even though they live on the other side of the world! She has made friends in nearly every continent.”

Or for Lola Méndez (Miss Filatelista) who believes that travel friends are great because you’ve already connected over a shared passion and will have endless conversations about your past travels, current adventures and dream destinations. Travel-friendships have a tendency to last across cultures, borders and time zones.

But is not only time, Age is no barrier to friendship – at home we gravitate to our own age groups, travel friends are old and young. Just like what Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge (The Copenhagen Traveller) experienced by meeting different people. “I’ve met some of my favorite people while traveling. When you dare to venture out in this world, you meet the most amazing people from all over the globe – young, old and from different cultural layers”. Without making it sound a bit cheese: creating friends from other cultures is the biggest gift you can give yourself. – Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge (The Copenhagen Traveller)

Because when we decide to step out of your normal comfort zones for meeting new friends we could end up finding the craziest characters in the world. If you don’t believe me, ask Megan Seamans & Andrew Johnston from Indefinite Travel whose favorite part of traveling is meeting people along the way. From the hitchhikers they picked up in Costa Rica to the man they are pretty sure was running from the law in Oahu. Travel friends always have the greatest stories to tell.

Even that night at the hostel we all agreed that you can have a deep connection with people you just met and some of them can even become friends for life, because time, distance or age are not the only factors that define how strong a friendship will be. Its the fact that you meet people that just like you, decided to leave their comfort zone in order to travel around the world, those who help when you when you are completely alone in a foreign country without knowing you or asking anything in return. Because being vulnerable with others is what sometimes helps us connect.

So if you ever have issues connecting with others in a new destination, remember that Travello (Download here) gives you the amazing benefit of connecting with others before you get to your destination or while you are traveling. Connecting with others is just a signup away on Travello.


Chantell Glenville

Sign up to her blog to follow her travels, or follow her on

Emma & Yannick (Luxurybackpacking)

Sign up to their blog to follow their travels, or follow them on

Alice Pye

Sign up to her blog to follow her travels, or follow her on

Lola Méndez (Miss Filatelista)

Sign up to her blog to follow her travels, or follow her on

Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge (The Copenhagen Traveller)

Sign up to her blog to follow her travels, or follow her on

Megan Seamans & Andrew Johnston (Indefinite Travel)

Sign up to her blog to follow her travels, or follow her on

Samia SalamancaIt’s True, A Journey Is Best Measured In Friends, Rather Than Miles
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Start connecting with new travel friends from over 170 countries today.

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Travello is a Mixpanel Partner

Travello is a Mixpanel Partner

AdminWin a $1,000 Student Flights Travel Voucher
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Do you have what it takes to become a travel blogger and step outside your comfort zone every day?

Do you have what it takes to become a travel blogger and step outside your comfort zone every day?

So you want to become a full time travel blogger?

Who wouldn’t right?

They get paid to travel the world and experience new adventures in far away places every day, while everyone else looks on with awe, envy, jealousy and sometimes even a touch of “Bitch, I wish I had her life!”.

However, this post is not going to teach you how to start out as a travel blogger or how to make money as a travel blogger either, as there are plenty of other blogs out there on those two very topics. It could however give you a real big taste for it!

We wanted something with a bit more depth into the mind of a travel blogger, so we sent out a number of questions to over 100 travel bloggers to see if we could gain a little more understanding as to what they have personally gained from being a travel blogger and what they have discovered about themselves along the way. We’ve turned this into a 4 part-blog series for you.

This is to coincide with the launch of some new features on the Travello app, one being the new Interest Groups, such as the Travel Bloggers Group. This enables travel bloggers to connect with each other in the group. It’s a private social network just for travel bloggers, where they can message questions to others in the group, post photos from their current & past trips, plus importantly locate & meet up with other travel bloggers nearby right now or who will be in the same destination soon. If you are a travel blogger you can join right here:


Travel Blogger Ava Pendl from Kicking Asana puts it beautifully,

“Every day that you travel is a day outside of your comfort zone and a day for you to look at the world from a new perspective”

So, being a travel blogger is ridiculously easy right? All you need to do is post pictures on Instagram of the back of your head in front of amazing landscapes in branded attire, or tweet about your culinary orgasm at a secret local hole in the wall tapas bar on your latest sponsored adventure tour, or whack up a motivational image and travel quote on Facebook to tease everyone into a daydream just long enough for them to forget their day to day commitments and why they actually can’t pack everything up and leave tomorrow.

Simple right? So what’s holding you back from becoming one? A fair bit actually. There is a saying, “plenty have an image of me, but few get the picture”. This is true of travel bloggers; the image is usually very different to the true picture, of course there are the odd exceptions that do have remarkable lives on their trails around the world.

For example, we recently saw the story about Cassie De Pecol, who became the first woman to travel to every country in a record 18 months and 26 days 

However, in our view this just fuels that wrong image of travel bloggers. Although it’s an amazing feat that Cassie has achieved, it also cost over $200,000 from sponsors to help her achieve that and to tell her story. That doesn’t make it as remarkable as it could be in our books. Nothing personal or absolutely no attack on Cassie. She had a dream, was focused, got others to believe in that dream to financially back her, then she went out there and did it. That is success, no doubting that. However, from an average traveller’s perspective, we don’t think many can connect, relate or really understand the reason as to why she did it other than to get in to the record books.

The best travel bloggers are only successful if they have an audience that continually stays engaged with them. This is achieved through their ability to make them feel connected, to tell a story that they can or would love to relate to, a story that tells the tale of that place and its people, a story that pulls us in with emotion, not simply a plug of where they are in the world right now. Although social media is crucial to their profiles, it’s their personal story thread across all those social media outlets as a whole that drives their success.

Through the upcoming series we’d like to take you on a journey into their self-discovery and life as a travel blogger, to help you understand the real picture about them, not just the image you perceive.

The first in the series is a question about their self-discovery through travel. What have they learnt about themselves through their journeys. We’ll be providing links to the featured travel bloggers so you can follow their story beyond here too.

So stay tuned for the first instalment!

Start connecting with new travel friends from over 170 countries today.

Available for iOS and Android


Sam LindnerDo you have what it takes to become a travel blogger and step outside your comfort zone every day?
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