Do you have what it takes to become a travel blogger and step outside your comfort zone every day?

Do you have what it takes to become a travel blogger and step outside your comfort zone every day?

So you want to become a full time travel blogger?

Who wouldn’t right?

They get paid to travel the world and experience new adventures in far away places every day, while everyone else looks on with awe, envy, jealousy and sometimes even a touch of “Bitch, I wish I had her life!”.

However, this post is not going to teach you how to start out as a travel blogger or how to make money as a travel blogger either, as there are plenty of other blogs out there on those two very topics. It could however give you a real big taste for it!

We wanted something with a bit more depth into the mind of a travel blogger, so we sent out a number of questions to over 100 travel bloggers to see if we could gain a little more understanding as to what they have personally gained from being a travel blogger and what they have discovered about themselves along the way. We’ve turned this into a 4 part-blog series for you.

This is to coincide with the launch of some new features on the Travello app, one being the new Interest Groups, such as the Travel Bloggers Group. This enables travel bloggers to connect with each other in the group. It’s a private social network just for travel bloggers, where they can message questions to others in the group, post photos from their current & past trips, plus importantly locate & meet up with other travel bloggers nearby right now or who will be in the same destination soon. If you are a travel blogger you can join right here:


Travel Blogger Ava Pendl from Kicking Asana puts it beautifully,

“Every day that you travel is a day outside of your comfort zone and a day for you to look at the world from a new perspective”

So, being a travel blogger is ridiculously easy right? All you need to do is post pictures on Instagram of the back of your head in front of amazing landscapes in branded attire, or tweet about your culinary orgasm at a secret local hole in the wall tapas bar on your latest sponsored adventure tour, or whack up a motivational image and travel quote on Facebook to tease everyone into a daydream just long enough for them to forget their day to day commitments and why they actually can’t pack everything up and leave tomorrow.

Simple right? So what’s holding you back from becoming one? A fair bit actually. There is a saying, “plenty have an image of me, but few get the picture”. This is true of travel bloggers; the image is usually very different to the true picture, of course there are the odd exceptions that do have remarkable lives on their trails around the world.

For example, we recently saw the story about Cassie De Pecol, who became the first woman to travel to every country in a record 18 months and 26 days 

However, in our view this just fuels that wrong image of travel bloggers. Although it’s an amazing feat that Cassie has achieved, it also cost over $200,000 from sponsors to help her achieve that and to tell her story. That doesn’t make it as remarkable as it could be in our books. Nothing personal or absolutely no attack on Cassie. She had a dream, was focused, got others to believe in that dream to financially back her, then she went out there and did it. That is success, no doubting that. However, from an average traveller’s perspective, we don’t think many can connect, relate or really understand the reason as to why she did it other than to get in to the record books.

The best travel bloggers are only successful if they have an audience that continually stays engaged with them. This is achieved through their ability to make them feel connected, to tell a story that they can or would love to relate to, a story that tells the tale of that place and its people, a story that pulls us in with emotion, not simply a plug of where they are in the world right now. Although social media is crucial to their profiles, it’s their personal story thread across all those social media outlets as a whole that drives their success.

Through the upcoming series we’d like to take you on a journey into their self-discovery and life as a travel blogger, to help you understand the real picture about them, not just the image you perceive.

The first in the series is a question about their self-discovery through travel. What have they learnt about themselves through their journeys. We’ll be providing links to the featured travel bloggers so you can follow their story beyond here too.

So stay tuned for the first instalment!

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Sam LindnerDo you have what it takes to become a travel blogger and step outside your comfort zone every day?
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Welcome To The New Social Travel Feed & Interest Groups On Travello!

Welcome To The New Social Travel Feed & Interest Groups On Travello!

Introducing the new

Social Travel Feed & Interest Groups on Travello.

We’ve just introduced some exciting new features in the Travello app!
Lets start with the all new social travel “FEED” & Interest “GROUPS

The Social Travel FEED works just like any other social feed. Use it to post updates about your own travels, view updates from other travellers nearby or filter your feed to show the updates from other travellers in the Groups you have joined.

If you have the app already just click on the links below to join the Interest Groups that appeal to you. If you don’t have the app yet the same link will take you to the stores to download it first and once you have created your profile it will take you directly to the Group to join it straight away.

We’ve also partnered with some travel brands to launch their Featured Business Group, with many more new partners soon to be launched. So for example, if you’re on a trip with a tour group you will be able to join the specific social group for that business or even a specific tour group so that you can all meet and engage with each other in the app!

Or perhaps you are looking to connect with other travellers at a Hostel or Hotel you are staying at, we’ll be able to create groups for that as well! So feel free to provide feedback to us as to what interest groups or business groups you would like to see.

Our brand partners live now include the following, but stay tuned for many more shortly:

Sharing the groups with your friends not on Travello is also super simple!:

So start exploring the travel community on Travello through the new Social Travel Feed. Connect with travellers nearby or discover and join the tribe that best suits you in the new Interest Groups. Right now these include Travel Bloggers, Digital Nomads, Solo Travellers, Outdoors & Adventure, Australia Backpacking, Asia Backpacking and many more. We even have a dedicated private group for Female Solo Travellers!

If you are a business and would like to discuss how we can help set up either a Featured Business Group or a Private Business Group for you please reach out through our Partnerships Enquiry Submission Form Here

Travello is the app where travellers connect from all over the world!

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Sam LindnerWelcome To The New Social Travel Feed & Interest Groups On Travello!
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2017 Europe Festivals Tickets | Win a €550 Europe festival pass plus 12 nts accommodation

2017 Europe Festivals Tickets | Win a €550 Europe festival pass plus 12 nts accommodation

Dreaming of the ultimate Summer in Europe?

WIN a Stoke Travel Passport worth €550 and stop dreaming!

If you win you will be able to choose 4 festivals out of their 20+ festivals on offer across Europe! The prize also includes 12 nights accommodation plus also includes food!

Stoke Travel is Europe’s biggest festival travel operator. Their campsite parties are legendary, fuelled by their unlimited beer and sangria option, at only €10 extra per day.

To Enter Simply:


  • Open the Travello App
  • Head to the GROUPS tab
  • Click on Stoke Travel & Join The Group
  • Post on their Feed what festival you’d love to go to and why!
  • Thats it!

It’s that easy!

The festivals to choose from include the following:

The Big Three
Running of the Bulls (San Fermin)
La Tomatina

Less known, no less fun, festivals
Las Fallas
The Wine Fight (San Vino)
Les Fetes de Bayonne
Semana Grande
San Juan
Sitges Carnival 

The best breaks
Ibiza Beach Camp
Barcelona City Break
Spring Break Ibiza

Surf and snow
San Sebastian Surf Camp
Van Surfari Spain & France
Morocco Surf
Zarautz Surf Camp
Andorra Snow Weekender

Music festivals
BBK Live Bilbao
Sonar Festival
Sziget Festival
Stoke Rolling Circus

Stoke Travel is an “all inclusive” company, with your accommodation ready on arrival, including bedding, meals included, and new best friends from all over the world.

T&Cs: Valued at €550. First trip must be taken in 2017. Winner then has two years to use their Passport from the date of their first trip. Prize not refundable nor transferable

For more information about the Stoke Travel Passport you can get more details from Stoke’s site here


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Sam Lindner2017 Europe Festivals Tickets | Win a €550 Europe festival pass plus 12 nts accommodation
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The Top Australian & NZ Backpacking Travel Businesses of 2016

The Top Australian & NZ Backpacking Travel Businesses of 2016

Congratulations to the best of the best in the backpacking industry for 2016 in Australia and NZ!


If you’re travelling around Australia or New Zealand in 2017 then why not start your search with a quick look over the recently crowned winners of the 2016 TNT Golden Backpack Awards. This list will help fill up your travel itinerary as you travel around Australia and NZ in 2017.

First up, we’d like to congratulate The Whitsundays for taking out the award for best destination in 2016! Most backpackers have The Whitsundays on their Australian travel itinerary and who can blame them with all the tropical adventure that can be had up there. Whether it’s sailing around any of the 74 stunning islands, learning to dive on some of the best reefs in the world, catching a see plane to see it all by air, camping on a secluded island for a couple nights or simply making the most of any of the water adventure activities, The Whitsundays has all your tropical playground experiences covered.

If you are wondering whats on at The Whitsundays over the coming months be sure to check out their events calendar here – What’s On – The Whitsundays

The award for best overall backpacker accommodation for Australia went to Base Sydney. With it being one of the most centrally located budget accommodation options just minutes from Darling Harbour along with it’s girl only floor called The Sanctuary, Base Sydney is certainly a popular choice for many backpackers, especially for downing a few cold drinks at their party den called The Scary Canary. However if you are travelling beyond Sydney, Base has you covered across many parts of Australia and NZ.

While the award for best overall tour activity in Australia was won by Skydive Australia. What better way for backpackers to take in the sights of Australia than from the air, with the 15 premium dropzones across Australia, which include the following options:


Congratulations to all of the other winners listed below from the 2016 TNT Golden Backpacker Awards:


Best Destination – The Whitsundays

Best Tour Activity NSW & Australia Wide – Skydive Australia

Best Tour Activity (NT) – The Rock Tour

Best Tour Activity (QLD) – Drop Bear Adventures

Best Tour Activity (SA) – Calypso Star Charters

Best Tour Activity (TAS) – Under Down Under

Best Tour Activity (VIC) – Wildlife Tours

Best Tour Activity (WA) – Adventure Tours Australia

Best Accommodation (NSW) – Base Sydney

Best Accommodation (NT) – Melaleuca On Mitchell

Best Accommodation QLD & Australia Wide – BUNK Backpackers

Best Accommodation (SA) – Port Lincoln YHA

Best Accommodation (TAS) – The Pickled Frog

Best Accommodation (VIC) – Greenhouse Backpacker

Best Accommodation (WA) – Billabong Backpackers Resort

Best Holiday Park – Cairns Holiday Park

Best Online Travel Agent & Best Large Travel Agent – Peterpans 

Backpacker Night – Wicked Club Crawl

Best Campervan – JUCY

Best Small/Independent Travel Agent – One Stop Adventures

Best Destination – The Whitsundays

Best Transport – Greyhound Australia

Best Visitor Attraction – The Great Barrier Reef

Best Technology/Recruitment/Service Company – Visitoz


Best Destination – Queenstown

If you’d like some advice on how best to arrange a “sickie” to get off work and take some time off in Queenstown then take a look at this funny video from Destination Queenstown.

How to Call in Sick and Stow Away to Queenstown

Best Accommodation – Pacific Coast Lodge and Backpackers

Best Backpacker Night – Pipi Patch

Best Campervan – Spaceships

Best Tour/Activity – Haka Tours

Best Transport – Kiwi Experience

Best Travel Agent – STA Travel

Best Visitor Attraction – Franz Josef Glacier Guides

Best Cultural Experience – Tamaki Maori Village


If you’d like to read a bit more about the winners above be sure to check out the summary in the latest digital edition of the TNT Magazine . We hope that this list helps you get started on planning your big Australia and New Zealand backpacking travel adventures!

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Sam LindnerThe Top Australian & NZ Backpacking Travel Businesses of 2016
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The Green Season, One Of Africa’s Best Kept Secrets

The Green Season, One Of Africa’s Best Kept Secrets

The Green Season, One Of Africa’s Best Kept Secrets



There’s no doubting that Africa’s wildlife is easier to spot in the drier winters. The thinning bush and the large number of animals congregating around the waterholes make this a choice time to travel. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t deny yourself a trip to the continent in the off peak months. 

While it might not always be seen as the best time to head off on a safari, the green season, which runs from November through April, still has its own plus points and these months are ideal for budding shutterbugs.

Better air and light conditions along with dramatic short-lived thunderstorms (an afternoon storm may reward you with a rainbow) make for impressive photography and the longer days mean you’ll be able to spend more time on the game drive.

 The summer rains also leave lush green grasses and flowering plants in their wake, the animal action bursting into life during calving season and migratory birds filling the skies with colour.

 wild-dog-packSouth Luangwa National Park, Zambia

 Zambia’s, South Luangwa National Park isn’t an obvious contender when it comes to choosing a top safari destination, but it’s often dubbed as one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world.  You won’t find all of the Big Five here, as sadly the rhino was poached to extinction some years ago, but its 9,050 square kilometres are home to 60 different animal species and over 400 bird species.

Going from no sightings to spectacular sightings, after ongoing conservation efforts the wild dog population has put  South Luangwa back on the map. These curious creatures are often spotted only a few meters away and green season is one of the best times to spot the packs in action. 

The concentration of wildlife around the Luangwa River, and its oxbow lagoons is among the most intense in Africa, and even more reason to visit, leopard sightings in the national park are outstanding. 

Where the walking safari originated, you’ll leave with a more intimate appreciation of the bush and proof of its bucket list status, baby impala, larger than life hippo pods and busy carmine bee-eater and stork colonies will fill your view finder.


Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya


Photo Credit – Johnny Chen

Kenya’s world renowned Masai Mara Game reserve might be best known for the annual migration, however, when the rains head for the plains you won’t be disappointed.  

Make sure you bring enough memory cards as green season always holds some surprises, whether you happen to spy a cheetah chasing its prey, herds of wildebeest and zebra gathering beneath the tropical sun or a leopard climbing into a tree to dry off after an afternoon shower. 

This time of year tends to be less popular with visitors, so it’s also worth noting that you won’t be going bumper to bumper with other safari-goers hoping to capture the same wildlife on camera.


Okavango Delta, Botswana

Green season is also known as the secret season, and the Okavango Delta certainly has its own in store over the summer. The game viewing becomes even more rewarding as the floodwaters withdraw, leaving more areas open for bush walking. 

Expect to see large numbers of sitatunga (a swamp-dwelling antelope), red lechwe, and a plethora of migratory birds including the Woodland Kingfisher. 

Mokoro safaris will still be available in the heart of the delta over this period, making this the ideal time to combine water and land based wildlife pursuits.


Kruger National Park, South Africa


Photo Credit – South Africa Tourism

 Admittedly, dry season is one of the best times to view wildlife in the Kruger, but green season still packs some punch. 

Toward the end of November and into early December calving season will be well underway. Aside from spotting the newly born wildlife with their mothers, during this period the park also becomes a predator’s paradise and when the summer migrant birds arrive the skies will be awash with colour.

 The best time for a beach and bush combo, don’t forget to add in a few lazy summer days on Cape Town’s sun-kissed beaches, as highs of around 28 degrees celsius are the norm in January and February.


Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

 zimbabwe-athena-cubs-3-lion-projectZimbabwe is another lesser known destination, but remember it’s going to be even more of a best kept secret when green season rolls around.  There will be plenty of big game viewing with substantial herds of zebra and wildebeest and a fair few predators on the prowl to boot.

The place to be if you’re an avid twitcher, you should definitely bring those binoculars as the number of bird species usually jumps from 400 to around 500! 


Acacia Africa (020 7706 4700; SATSA membership No. 1931, ATOL No. 6499 and ABTA No. W4093 PROTECTED.

BIO: Arno Delport is the Sales & Marketing Manager at Acacia Africa.  Uganda is one of his favourite African countries, he says “It has some of the most beautiful scenery and gorilla trekking is a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife viewing experience. He also has a soft spot for South Africa, his birthplace. Arno says, “With its amazing wealth of wildlife, beautiful beaches, friendly communities and hip city landscapes, South Africa has it all.”

This is a guest post by Arno Delport, Sales & Marketing Manager at Acacia Africa

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Sam LindnerThe Green Season, One Of Africa’s Best Kept Secrets
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