Travello was the brainchild of two avid travellers, Ryan and Mark. They noticed there was no efficient way for travellers to connect with other travellers when they arrived at a destination. And also no way to communicate with travellers in the location they were heading to. Facebook just wasn’t cutting it!

After much procrastination, it was a chance meeting with a group of backpackers on the Gold Coast that provided the final motivation to actually create this concept. They loved the idea and insisted that we actually do something about it. And from that, Travello was born.
Travello’s aim is to simply make travelling easier and to help travellers connect. Hopefully you’ll make some lifelong friends along the way.

Our Team


Ryan is an avid traveller. Having lived abroad for a number of years, he has travelled through much of Europe, Africa and Asia. His favourite country is Italy but his fondest travel memory is camping in the Serengeti Plains the night a pride of lions decided to wander through. South America is next on his travel plans.


Mark grew up in far North Queensland, but discovered a passion for travel early. He has found his way across America, Europe and North Africa and lived in London and the south of France for a few years. Mark has also travelled extensively in his home country Australia. Mark has many travel highlights, but rates The Running of The Bulls in Pamplona as his favourite.

Sam Lindner

Commercial Director

Richard Barge

Technical Lead

Brent Emslie


Harry Jubb


Paddy Curtin


  • As a solo female traveler I actually use Travello quite often and connect with other solo travelers traveling to the same country, it takes away the hardest part of solo traveling; connecting with like-minded solo travelers. thesocialgirltraveler.com or @thesocialgirltraveler

    Jen Morilla
  • Travello has been great in connecting me with travellers from all over the world. It's the best thing that has happened to the travel community in a while! And I don't know what I would do without their WIFI finder! adventuroustrails.com or @kreeeeete

    Kreete Tokman
  • Travello is my new favourite go-to-travel tool! Not only can you list your next travel destinations but Travello offers a community of like-minded people and I LOVE that! You can create local events, locate the nearest free wifi all along with chatting to newly found travel friends. Travello is the way to go! alicepye.com or @alicepye

    Alice Pye

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