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World Travel Is A Treatment For Six Disabled Travellers

Stop right there, travellers! If you haven’t read our prior blog posts of  ‘Travello’s Featured Travel Bloggers To Follow This Year Series” you should do so now. Trust me; you don’t want to miss out on the fantastic bloggers, vloggers, photographers, and Travello users we’ve already featured. On our first week, you’ll find travel inspiration through the stories and adventures of some fantastic Travel Bloggers and Vloggers, while the second feature seeks to inspire females of all ages and backgrounds to explore the world with eager eyes and an open heart.

Now that you’re caught up with the latest, just a quick reminder that we do have a running YouTube playlist of our featured travellers. On this playlist, each traveller created a personal introductory video with travel tips attached. So be sure to watch until the end so you don’t miss out. 

Alright, let’s get rolling because no one reads long intros anyway.

In our third series, we suggest you buckle up before jumping into this list of travellers because their stories may knock you out of your seat. For these globetrotters, travelling isn’t just an urge to experience life, it’s about inspiring others to travel as well. Each person in this list has an incredible story to tell about defying limitations society created.  Through their individual challenges, we see that life isn’t about the adversaries, but rather it’s about what we do with those challenges that count.

If you have been following the adventures our winners Tom & Natalie from our Ultimate Aussie Adventure competition, you will see a whole heap of adventure activities they have been up to so far in Australia. You can read their weekly updates here: Week 1 & Week 2

However, as the featured travellers below outline, just because you have a disability, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy many of the same adventures that Tom & Natalie are experiencing right now too!

So we present you with six solo travellers who are leaving their marks on the world by sharing their travelling stories and who are inspiring, passionate, and have an infectious wanderlust.


Check out Elly’s video entry to our Ultimate Aussie Adventure competition. She made the final 10!

Lauren Brown
Travel Vlogger & Blogger

Surpassing Fear Through Travel

Lauren's outstanding bravery has pushed her out of the anxiety hole and into the whimsical world of travelling. Although Lauren previously suffered from anxiety, she surpassed her fears by going to college out-of-state which set the ball rolling for her new destiny of travel. We find Lauren so encouraging through her determination and ambition in travelling. To be able to get out of your comfort zone and change your life isn't something to take lightly and we think that's pretty amazing. You can find her shared stories regarding anxiety and various travel topics on her site Lauren Without Fear.

Lauren Without FearYouTube ChannelTwitter ProfileFacebook PageInstagram
Denise Yahrling
Travel Blogger

Chronically Beating Illness 

German digital nomad, writer, and vlogger, Denise, seems to do it all whilst maintaining a chronic illness. Her ability to juggle work, hobbies, the travelling aspects of her life are incredible enough without the additional upkeep of her health. Regardless, Denise loves to travel and share her stories with anyone who will listen. Denise gives the perfect dose of positivity needed to start your day. Travelous Mind focuses on several topics including travel advice, recent trips, and in-depth reflections. Her wish is to inspire others to travel, no matter the adversity life throws their way.

Travelous MindVimeoYouTube ChannelInstagram
Dan Barra-Berger
Travel Vlogger & Blogger

Seeing The World Through New Eyes

Travelling from a young age, Dan started to see his family in Europe and continued to plan trips as he became older. He always possessed a passion to see the world, even when life threw him a curve ball. Now legally blind, he continues to travel and record his travels on Three Points of Contact. His story is incredible but what we really fancy is Dan's ability to overcome the drastic change in his life through feeding his wanderlust. His blog and channel demonstrate to viewers that when life throws you lemons, you really can make lemonade.

Three Points of ContactYouTube ChannelFacebook PageSnapchatInstagram
Calvin Young
Travel Vlogger & Photographer

Hear Destination's Calling

Calvin made us absolutely mind blown with his recorded adventures. His visual shots and content are impacting enough but he topped it all off with silent audio that reflects his perspective of seeing the world as a deaf traveller. Additionally, Calvin's story is unbelievable. He started his own company and after moving to a new company, he decided to quit the life he'd known to travel the world. Since quitting, Calvin has successfully created a platform that inspires travellers around the world. Calvin intends to positively impact all viewers that watch his videos but he also focuses on the deaf community. He hopes to make them realize they are limitless and that the only restriction to travelling--or anything in life for that matter--is themselves.

Seek The WorldYouTube ChannelInstagramTwitter ProfileFacebook Page
Mike McHugh
Travel Blogger

Finding Mountains To Climb

As a travel influencer, Mike doesn't let arthrogryposis get in the way of seeing the world. Leading up to his influencer and travel lifestyle, he always believed that he could do whatever he set his mind to. He always had the itch to experience new activities and see new places. His desire to experience what he hasn't seen before and his unsettled nature led him to travel the world with his crutches and no limitations; he's explored North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania with both his crutches. His goal is to inspire other travellers to follow their wanderlust because limitations don’t apply when seeking one’s dream. 

“Remember, the only limits in life are the ones you place on yourself.” -Mike McHugh

Gimpy Globe TrotterFacebook PageTwitter ProfileInstagram
Cory Lee
Travel Blogger

Wheel Never Stop Travelling

Wheeling around the world and inspiring so many other travellers I present to you Cory Lee. His adventure seeking soul loves sharing his travel stories from a positive wheelchair perspective. At 15, Cory Lee travelled internationally for the first time and that finalized his destined path of travelling the world. As he travelled more, he created his blog, Curb Free with Cory Lee to inspire and show other disabled travellers the who, why, where, when, and how of disabled travelling. We adore Cory Lee because ultimately he wants to continue inspiring other wanderlust seekers through his own travels.

Curb Free with Cory LeeFacebook PageTwitter ProfileInstagram

Author: Kat

A born drifter with no real place to pin her down, Kat’s one direction in life is to meet and connect with other people. Her wanderlust seems to stem from her determination to learn a little bit about everything with no specific goal in mind other than finding the unknown completely fascinating. She’s always held a passion to connect with people through in-person interactions, social media, or her blog. Her blog is a place for her to share the knowledge she’s gained from travelling and connecting with people. Although she’s studying for her degree in hospitality management the only path she’s decided to take is wherever her wanderlust takes her.

KatTravello’s Featured Travel Bloggers Series | Feature 3

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