Travello’s Featured Travel Bloggers Series | Feature 1

Welcome to Travello’s Featured Travel Bloggers To Follow This Year Series!

Each week we’ll be featuring a handful of travel bloggers, vloggers or photographers who we recommend you follow to ignite that travel spark! Over the coming weeks you’ll also be introduced to many of them with a personal video introduction and message from themselves on our new Travello Travel Blogger Video Series on YouTube. The weekly list is not going to be a list of the very top or most followed travel bloggers, vloggers, photographers or social influencers, it will be a combination, some very popular ones, but also some that are just starting out, in fact we’ll also be featuring some of our top Travello users in here too, many of which dont have official blogs but are really active travel posters on Travello.

Today, almost everyone has a friend or a friend of a friend that considers themselves to be a travel blogger or travel social influencer right? You may even look upon them with a hint of jealously (or a lot!), but hey, whats not to be jealous off. Who wouldn’t want to be travelling the world and earning an income while you do it.

We are not telling you to throw in the towel and quit your day job to become a travel blogger too, all we want to do through this series is to inspire you to see the world through their stories and adventures and to encourage you to also immerse yourself in your next destination, to really “see it” not just visit it. This is what travel bloggers do, they get under the skin of a place, they go beyond their comfort zones, they approach strangers, they explore it to share that experience with others.

We previously posted a series about the life of a travel blogger to give you some insights into their travels and why they travel, however these weekly lists are just to introduce you to their little world of travel. Above all, travel is not about having richness of money to see the world, its all down to your perspective and gratitude for the life you live and respect for people in the place you visit. In fact, some of Travello’s most energetic and enthusiastic users on Travello have barely had the financial means to travel beyond their own country so far, yet the passion and gratitude they have for their own country is immense, they are excited to share posts from their own travels in their home country, as meeting new friends and travellers from around the world brings them joy.

Travello actually provides that perfect platform for both every day travellers on their next travel adventures as well as for travel bloggers too. As a travel blogger, Travello provides the perfect platform to post about your travel adventures to a 100% travel audience, an audience that are on Travello to get a dose of  travel inspiration! It also enables you to connect with other travellers and locals nearby. So we encourage all travel bloggers to create a profile and start sharing your blog post links as well as of course your travel photos and videos as well!

If you are a travel blogger, vlogger, photographer or influencer please get your submission in on this form here

So without further ado, here is this weeks little list of travel inspiration! Have you got that bag packed and ready?

Sam LindnerTravello’s Featured Travel Bloggers Series | Feature 1

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