11 Budget Travel Hacks To Travel Around Europe

The best thing about traveling around Europe is how convenient and easy it is to travel from one destination to another, jumping from one culture to the next. In other regions around the world the foundations of the culture and ways of life normally all tie in with each other. Where as in Europe, you could be a couple hours away from a place that is so different to where you’re situated.

The Latin flair of Spain and Portugal isn’t too far from the shores of the UK, Amsterdam, Belgium and Germany, that’s the beauty of Europe, the variety and the history of each nation. Yet, as much as Europe is a place we all can find somewhere we want to travel and to visit, the costs in Europe are remarkably higher than other typical budget traveller destinations, especially Western Europe.

Now, we all know there are must see’s all around Europe, but it’s the cost it warrants to travel, live, eat, sleep and everything else that can become more difficult. We want to travel as long as possible, so with that in mind, we thought we’d come up with some Europe hacks for you to keep your budget tight, but make the most out of your trip.

These are the best travel hacks for making your way all around Europe on a budget this summer.

1. Sign Up To The Free Attractions

Free walking tours are a great way for you to learn the foundations of a place. You get the chance to do some sightseeing and make friends in the tour too. Plus, getting your bearings is always good with someone who knows where and when to go leading the charge. Also, any other free attractions such as visiting an old church, a viewpoint or a beach are always possible to see without cost.

2. Limit Big Tours, DIY

That being said, tours normally come at a price so if you don’t need to go with one, don’t. Travel is about exploring, and doing it yourself is one of the most liberating experiences. If you can take local transportation to a major attraction to save money rather than paying more on the tour, do it! In Europe things can be expensive, and if you do it more often than not this week, you’ll travel longer. However, for sure, sprinkle in the odd group tour if you can stretch the budget if you dont really want to do any planning or just want an easy way to meet and hang out with a large group, just understand what you will be sacrificing with that money though.

3. Don’t Visit Everything 

Do your research before; you don’t have to visit every place you’ve read about, as then it only becomes a bucket list journey. Know what you like, what you’re keen on and what you’ve got budget for.

The Colosseum in Rome, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London; these are all monumental attractions that are on anyone’s travel bucket list, no matter what kind of traveller you are. Just bare in mind that some attractions sound better in a listicle rather than what they actually are, but if you want to see the main attractions then keep to that, this experience is for you.

4. Stay With Worldly Friends 

In today’s day and age most travelers have a friend or two from destinations afar. Why? The world is more interconnected; people are moving abroad and traveling more. So if you’re in Munich for the weekend and your German buddy whom you shared drinks with one time lives there, hit him up! You get to see things the local way, free of charge and have a friend to go with too!

5. Try Couchsurfing 

If your pool of friends isn’t that vast yet, then Couchsurfing is a more official way of staying with locals for free. You get to meet someone new, and hopefully if they’re a good host they’ll take you to some of the budget friendly places you won’t have any idea they were there.

6. Download an App to Meet People

Travel apps nowadays are extremely helpful; they can save you money and time with your experiences whilst on the road. If you want to meet other like-minded travelers with a similar trip, Travello puts you in touch with people near you. You can make contact with them and see what plans they have.

7. Eat Street Food or Cook For Yourself

Eating out in Europe can be a bit pricey, especially if you’re on a tight daily budget. Nibbling at street food sandwiches or baguettes for 4-5 Euro’s will keep you going, but if you have time, you can cook for yourself at the hostel. Pasta is always the easiest dish, and keeps the costs way down too!

8. Pre-Drinks Always

If clubbing is on the agenda, which in a lot of the cases it is at some point during your travel in Europe, it’s best to pre-drink before the main event. European drinks prices in bars can be high depending where you go, so if you need to stick to a budget, finish off some cheap wine before you go out. You’ll save money doing this for sure.

9. Use Car Share Services

One good thing that you can access whilst traveling Europe are car-sharing services such as Bla Bla Car. Things might get a little squashed in a car full of strangers, but the cost will be a lot lower when traveling around a country, or crossing into another.

10. Bus It Instead of Interrail

Bus companies such, as Flixbus, are ideal for traveling Europe. These services run regularly all day and night in most European countries, and also offer a consistent hop on-hop-off service at cheap rates. Although the Interrail has historically always been cemented as part of a travelers Europe experience, being more practical has to be considered if you’re traveling on a budget.

11. Work In a Hostel For a Bit

If you fell in love of a country and want to see more of it, there is no better way to do it than working in that place so you can really explore its environs. Hostel working normally comes in exchange for accommodation and food, which covers some major costs. At the same time you’ll meet other travelers, locals and get to see the best pockets of the place you fell in the love with in the first place.

This Is A Guest Post by Tommy Walker

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Tommy Walker11 Budget Travel Hacks To Travel Around Europe