5 things you should not miss if you are in Sydney

Pic 1 - Sydney (1)

No matter if you are a world traveller or simply an Aussie trying to run from a local town for a weekend, if you find yourself somewhere near Sydney, there are some things you should not miss out on.

Here are five things you should try and do when in.

1. Go to secret beaches

Pic 2 - Balmoral Beach

One of the biggest secrets Sydney has are its quiet beaches. Secluded and sprinkled around Sydney, they have harbours all along the coast and are the perfect place to relax even if you come by foot.
You can pack a picnic basket and a blanket, take a ferry and head towards one of them to discover the secret world they hide. Shelly Beach, Chinaman’s Beach, Balmoral Beach, Redleaf Beach, Milk Beach – it is all up to you to decide which one to visit.

  1. Eat local food 

Pic 3 - Breakfast in Sydney

Sydney is famous for great food, so if you are a food lover – do not skip spending the evening in one of its restaurants. Once you spend the day walking around, visiting famous places, it is natural that you are going to be starving, right?

Take this perfect chance to try out some of these meals: Salted caramel gelato; soup dumplings; Peking duck pancakes; tuna tartare with truffle; yuzu and lotus root; Ricotta hotcakes, banana & honeycomb butter; and if you do not know what to eat for breakfast, order scrambled eggs that will change your life!

  1. Take a Tour 

Pic 4 - North Sydney

The best way to meet Sydney’s soul and see it from all angles is to book your seat in one of the Sydney tours. The best one is definitely the one which provides you to meet the entire city, but you should not miss out on seeing the unusual, stunning nature outside of Sydney as well.

  1. Go to the theatre or concert

Pic 5 - Sydney Opera House

Sydney’s is famous for its theatres and opera houses, so if you are a classic music lover, you should go on a concert or opera performance in one of these theatres: Sydney Opera House; Opera Australia; Capitol Theatre, Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace; Sydney Lyric Theatre, State Theatre, and Marble Bar.

And if you are jazz lover, The Basement, Wine Banc Bar, Hero of Waterloo Hotel and Marble Bar should be on your list of the places  to visit.

  1. Take a ferry to one of Sydney’s islands

Pic 6 - Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney’s harbour is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and definitely deserves to give your attention to it. You can walk around it, climb the bridge or jump a ferry and go to one of the islands around Sydney, such as Fort Denison, Shark, Clark, Cockatoo, Goat and Rodd. You can also catch the Circular Quay ferry and meet the nature from distance – in its grandest splendour.

Pic 7 - Sydney Harbour


As you can see, there are a lot of interesting places to visit in Sydney. Our another special recommendation is that, if you have the time, take a walk and meet true Sydney on foot – its biggest treasure are its welcoming people.


About the author

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Marie Nieves, student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She has always loved to travel, and she loves to talk about her experiences. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and loves to surf the Internet. An avid lover of photography and regular author on High Style Life.


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